Security Leadership 2023

Start date February 7th, 2023
Location 931 Congrescentrum, 's-Hertogenbosch

About the event

Together with our security partner 42Crunch, we will be sponsoring and attending the Security Leadership event 2023 in Den Bosch.

Security Leadership is the strategic security conference especially for security managers and management. The congress shows the latest developments in the field of IT security and helps you to get your security strategy in order and to sharpen it.

This year’s theme is: Diversity and Inclusion in Decision Making. Diversity is about differences and inclusion is about using those differences. We often look at IT security in the same one-sided way, but by sharing knowledge and experiences, comparing and working together we come to new insights. The more diversity and inclusion, the better the decision-making. The differences make the difference.

The Security Leadership conference offers an extensive, versatile and high-quality program and possibility to meet each other, share knowledge and get inspired, both physically and online.

Enhanced API Security with 42Crunch and Yenlo

API Security is a critical priority for security teams at enterprises globally. Visit 42Crunch and Yenlo at the Security Leadership Congress 2023 to learn how your company can achieve end-to-end management and protection of all your APIs. We offer best-of-breed #apisecurity and #apimanagement solutions to reduce your governance costs and speed innovation.

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