Cloud Expo 2022

Start date December 7th, 2022
End date September 8th, 2022
Location EXPO Houten

Yenlo is a sponsor of Cloud Expo!

The Cloud is part of today’s IT strategy, but what does this mean for your organization?

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the Cloud during the Cloud Expo. What is the impact and how can you respond to the very latest developments. During the day, the Cloud Theaters will host various knowledge sessions from Microsoft and AWS, among others. F1 pit reporter Jack Plooij will take you into the world of F1 on the Arrowsphere Stage. What is the Cloud’s contribution to F1. Of course Jack will tell nice anecdotes about the Arrow McLaren racing team and of course the Red Bull team.

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Presentation Yenlo:

Pivoting technology in times of crisis: increase your agility and interoperability with cloud-first integration strategies.

It’s hard enough to set up integration solutions when all is fine. But how do you pivot your technology architecture in times of crisis? Whether those events are business-related, industry-driven, or even world-pressing events. That happened for Yenlo. As one of the world’s leading multi-vendor iPaaS, API and integration experts, Yenlo was called upon by the Dutch public healthcare service, the GGD, to bring cloud-based open healthcare solutions to the GGD systems in the midst of the pandemic, where every minute meant saving lives.

In this keynote, Yenlo’s CEO and Co-founder, Ruben van der Zwan shares with you his best practice strategies for cloud-based integration platforms and services. Including a showcase of Connext Platform and Connext Go!, the integration solutions that proved to increase agility and interoperability through cloud-first approaches. 

RZW pasfoto 2020

Ruben van der Zwan

As Co-Founder and CEO of Yenlo, I am an IT-visionair and from the first hour. I believe that digitalization enables companies to grow by creating new channels to reach their customers. Important in such a digitalization journey is to avoid lock-in’s by vendors, technology and budget. Therefore, I am a fan of an API-first, Open-Source first and Cloud-first strategy. Obviously Yenlo’s key-focus services are aligned with these key-pillars by combining WSO2 open source technology with a secure and professional cloud-solution: Connext. Our Integration-Platform-as-a-Service solution for medium and large enterprises. Want to learn more? Contact me or join conferences all around the world where I am a frequent speaker.

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