Big Data Expo

Big Data Expo is the only event in the Benelux that addresses every aspect of data management.

Start date September 14th, 2022
End date September 15th, 2022
Location Jaarbeurs Utrecht
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Big Data Expo is the number-one big data event to unite supply and demand within the big data sector. The event in the Benelux that addresses every aspect of data management. Exhibitors are involved in collecting, generating, analysing, optimising and applying data on several levels and on a day to day basis.

Yenlo will be present at the Big Data Expo

Big Data provides businesses with immense business opportunities, including:

  • More significant insights into customer behavior
  • More significant insights into market activity; and
  • New ways to improve operations.

Without Integration, no Big Data
As your business taps into this flourishing resource, your needs for Integration and Data Management is going to increase without a doubt. For most institutions creating integrations to manage data correctly is either too expensive and/or too complicated. The good news is, we can help you with that.

Put your Data to work by building the right integrations
We, at Yenlo, integrate all your applications, systems and databases to communicate seamlessly with each other. This way you build a better management system to put your data to work.

Yenlo Speaking Session

Erik Assink will have an open Information session on 14-09-22 at 11.45am-12.15pm in room 4.

The Importance of Integration and Data Management for Big Data Use cases

Big Data provides business with immense opportunities to gain insights in customer behavior, or ways to improve operations. Successful businesses tap into this flourishing resource via analytics and data mining which helps them to stay ahead of the competition. As data is produced from an ever-growing VARIETY of sources, at ever increasing VELOCITY, and VOLUMES companies face challenges to adopt meaningful and innovative new use cases. To enable rapid adoption of use cases and handle the ever increase variety, velocity and volumes, companies need to focus more on integration and data management.  

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