API Conference The Hague

A two-day (18-19 August 2020) Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management. Achieve your project goals, expand your knowledge and get inspired!

Start date August 18th, 2020
End date August 19th, 2020
Location The Hague
The Hague scaled

On 18 August 2020 the API Conference 2020 was held in The Hague. Ruben van der Zwan, CEO of Yenlo, presented and explained why companies such as Societe Generale, Deutsche Bahn, European Commission, Honda and Mobility are following an API-first strategy and not focusing on technology. With a good API-first strategy you can stand out as a company. Ruben also discusses topics such as API earnings models, critical success factors and how you involve the business in an API-first strategy.