API Conference Berlin 2022

Yenlo will be presenting at the API conference in Berlin 2022

Start date October 17th, 2022
End date October 19th, 2022
Location Berlin

API Con is The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management

The API CON in Berlin is an event where experts and IT practitioners meet to connect and expand knowledge. API Architects will share their experiences that will enable you to improve your daily work. Visitors will also learn how to manage their APPI projects with the right strategy and approach.

Yenlo Expert Session: ‘’The key success factors behind any Digital Transformation and API-first strategy’’

In our presentation, we unveil the three key success factors, in a smart and pragmatical way, behind the most successful Digital Transformation projects executed by Yenlo. With real-life customer cases like, Ministry of Healthcare Netherlands (GGD, iPaaS), Universitätsklinikum Tübingen Germany (UKT, all about FHIR and Open Healthcare 2.0)), Hanseatic Bank Germany (HB, Open Banking), Mobility Switzerland (MB), Trumpf Germany (TRMP), Boeing United-States (BNG), we illustrate how they became successful with their Digital Transformation including their API-strategy.

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