API Con London 2023

Start date April 27th, 2023
Location park plaza, London

The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management

Join our Speaker Session: APIs Unleashed: Leveling Up Your IT Architecture with iPaaS

How can you optimize the scalability and adaptability of your Integration ecosystem to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape and evolving customer needs? In this session, you’ll not only learn about the future of integration technology which is, as a service, but we will also give you an easy-to-follow guideline for knowing how to transform your organization’s IT capabilities.

Your speaker for this event is Rob Blaauboer, Head of Training Services & Integration Consultant at Yenlo. Rob is a seasoned expert with an extensive background in the financial services industry (banking and insurance), healthcare, EMR and HIS (NL: EPD/ZIS en HIS), and innovation management as well as a prolific blogger.

Rob will share his insights on the critical factors to evaluate when selecting an integration Platform-as-a-Service solution (iPaas). He’ll take you through the five important questions that govern the choice for an iPaas. Think about are you building and running integrations in-house or outsourced, how to assess the maturity of your IT organization, which cloud strategy and fit-purpose approach are available, and how to go about budget considerations. He will also highlight the transformative potential of iPaaS technology in harnessing the full power of such a platform and enhancing your IT architecture.

During the presentation, Rob will delve into the essential aspects of iPaaS technology and its impact on IT architecture for those who appreciate the power of APIs. He will provide valuable insights on how to approach the selection process and strike the right balance between organizational needs and budgetary constraints. The session will also touch upon the importance of aligning your cloud strategy with the iPaaS solution you choose, as well as the fit-purpose approach for maximum effectiveness.


Wednesday, April 26 2023
10:15 – 11:00 am

For who?

If you’re an IT professional or decision-maker considering iPaaS technology, this presentation offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the key questionsand the potential benefits of leveling up your IT architecture. We’ll discuss the transformative potential of iPaaS technology and how it can help organizations harness the full power of APIs, address the growing demand for streamlined workflows, reduce complexity, and optimize API usage.

This presentation is designed for IT professionals, C-suite executives, and IT Managers who are interested in working smarter, not harder, in leveraging iPaaS technology to become more agile and allow the organization to focus on what brings the most value, namely the business!

Key takeaways

  • Understanding the synergies between API technology and iPaaS solutions
  • A tried and tested approach for identifying which iPaaS is fit for your organization
  • Exploring the transformative potential of iPaaS technology for IT architecture
  • Addressing the IT talent gap with streamlined iPaaS workflows and reduced complexity
  • Balancing organizational needs and budgetary constraints

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