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Based on the Enterprise Architecture model we get to work. We develop software that does exactly what it should do: sending data from A to B, while translating and configuring the message. Completely automatically, if possible. We make your software work for you, which saves you time, money and manpower. Moreover, it improves the quality of your customer services. This way you take your business to the next level. Check.

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Software development is great fun. At least that’s what we think. It’s fun because IT is never ending and keeps on changing. It's the one thing we know for sure. And it’s the main reason we think Continuous Delivery should be a thing. By Continuous Delivery we mean that your Software Development should be in such great shape that your systems are nonstop available and ready to deliver. Flexibility meets quality. Everything you do should be right. Tomorrow, today, every day. It’s what we call Continuous Quality. That’s why we don’t just build software; we test it as well. 

Java and Oracle technologies? We know all about them. We’re also the worldwide no. 1 when it comes to WSO2 expertise. To us, success is a choice. That’s why WSO2, Java and Open Source technologies are intertwined with our vision and values. Why? So we’re able to deliver the very best support that will make your project a success. Oracle APEX technology is another expertise we have in store. Its powerful, useful and endlessly diverse. We often use it to provide our clients with reliable solutions. So choose your favorite or mix things up! Yenlo offers you a world of options. They all have one thing in common: they breathe innovation. We only know how to go forward. Check.

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A new view on patient care based on pedigree drawing software

Erasmus MC (University Medical Center) and Yenlo have developed a design tool for pedigree drawing based on an elaborate information system. The system, called Genesis, offers an overview of all patients and their family members, that can be used for the Clinical Genetics department. When selecting a certain patient, doctors get to see a brief description of all (inherited) diseases that run in the family.



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