Everything under control

A well-appointed information network speeds up an organization and makes it more agile. If well connected, your organization processes enable you to respond to changes quickly. That’s why we build a custom-made product for each company we work with. We write the blue print for an optimal supply chain integration, based on the DEMO method as developed by the TU in Delft. This results in a solid foundation for all data communication in your organization. In order words: our Enterprise Architecture makes sure your processes and data are everywhere, in time and in the way you want it. Check.

The fundament

Solution Architecture

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. It will most likely sink into the sand. That’s no rocket science. Availability, speed and safety should be the three cornerstones of your plan. Or that’s what we think anyway. We use them as our guidelines when designing your Solution Architecture. We only use the right open source technologies. So that we can build a solid foundation that your organization can rely on and work with. Good solutions require an open mind and a strong focus. Check.

White paper

Practical SOA for the Solution Architect

Read this white paper and learn how to deal with the everyday challenges of Service-Oriented Architecture.



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