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Innovation and Education both have the power to connect. That’s the idea of our Yenlo Labs projects. Here we challenge our consultants, the community and scientists to work on out-of-the-box cases. We dare them to look beyond the boundaries of everyday life. It’s Research and Development 2.0. In our Labs, new projects are born. We create, test and optimize. Striking results are shared with the academic world and the people that surround us. We give guest lectures on dazzling IT topics and we organize hackathons, so that young, talented people can get the best out of themselves. On our testing ground, there’re no limits. Check.

Jochen Traunecker
Director R&D Yenlo Labs


IT is like a train that never stops. New technologies are developed daily, which brings new tools and new choices to make. In our R&D lab, we separate the wheat from the chaff. Thereafter we think about ways of implementing the most promising projects in a way that benefits our clients. Innovation = power.  


Knowledge should be cherished and shared. That’s why we pass on our expertise in the field of R&D projects and integration to the next generation: the managers and IT-ers of tomorrow. That’s why we can be found at the universities of Amsterdam and Stuttgart regularly, teaching our future guru’s.

Sharing results

Openness and transparency. That’s what the new world’s all about. Open source requires open communication. Sharing. Giving free advice. The results we gain from Yenlo labs are translated into blogs, white papers, webinars and so on. Research and Development 3.0. Check.

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iBeacons at Sail, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a growing number of iBeacons within its city limits. A conglomerate of parties is currently performing tests to further expand the project.

An iBeacon enables objects and buildings to communicate with passers-by that carry a smartphone. It constantly transmits signals that provide the smartphone owner with extra information on, for instance, a museum or a piece of art.

Today, a whole trace of iBeacons can be found throughout the Dutch capital, called the iBeacon mile. This two-kilometer long path leads from the central railway station to the Marine. The full-scale project will be launched in 2016.

The iBeacon Mile is an initiative of 20 parties that have invested in the project in the form of financial or practical support, and is led by the city of Amsterdam. Partners include KPN (LoRaWan infrastructure), Glimworm (Beacons), Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Intel, Yenlo (WSO2), JCDecaux and the Waag Society.

Yenlo delivers the 'Managed iBeacon Platform’, based on the open source WSO2 integration platform. This platform enables organizations to manage, monitor and connect their IoT services to the rest of the world.

 (source: Computable)


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