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The Yenlo WSO2 Gurus

We’re no plumbery. We don’t send over some guy to fix the problem. If you ever call us, you’ll get the A-team of WSO2. Men in black. Gurus. Obsessed with IT. Mysterious and unbelievably intelligent. We realize that this may sound like we’re bragging. But it’s the honest truth. Our WSO2 guru’s get the job done. That’s why you don’t become one for free. You’ve to earn your way into our team. Dare to take a risk? Bring it on! Check.

Guru knowledge

We don’t just hire everyone. You must have in-depth knowledge of the open source WSO2 integration platform. And with that comes qualification, training and certification. You need to be flexible, open to change and an out-of-the-box thinker. Obviously. You’ll be playing with the big boys. The WSO2 Yenlo guru team is deployed on all our WSO2 related projects and support services such as WSO2 Development Support and WSO2 Operational Support. They make sure that our clients get the best of the best, regardless of the services they purchase. Our services are guru-proof, no matter what.

Guru adventure

We work worldwide. You can find our WSO2 gurus in all corners of every continent. Big project, small project; it’s all the same. Our guru’s are everywhere, all the time. From Schiphol to Melbourne, from Jakarta all the way to San Francisco. Travelling is in their blood. They switch effortlessly from today to tomorrow, from airport to office. Flexibility, curiosity, wanderlust. That’s what our WSO2 Yenlo gurus are all about. Check.

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