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Do you have what it takes? Fresh ideas, an open mind, team spirit? Bring it on then! We’re looking for the best, non-stop. Heroes that join forces with our customers and turn the IT world upside down. Are you a game changer? Apply! No hero? Please don’t waste our time. We recognize the real guru from a mile away. Check.

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Being a guru opens doors. We’ll make you even better than you already were. And we give your ambition all the room it needs. No to routine, yes to craftsmanship. Moreover, you’ll be part of an international network. One that consists of enthusiastic people who know what they’re doing. National borders? Language barriers? We ignore them. We’re everywhere. Check out all our benefits

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Integration Specialist

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I don't have a clue

I don't have a clue

We’re always looking for new people. Young ones, old ones, extraordinary ones. People that think different. Colorful and diverse. We have a couple of conditions though. You must love a challenge. Know how to stand your ground in a dynamic environment. You are a skilled craftsman, craftswoman of craftsperson and collegiality is one of your middle names. If you’re confident enough, look no further.       

So Yenlo it is. Don’t worry about employment conditions and stuff. They’re taken care of. Clueless of what you want to do or lost in the vacancy world? But you’re f*cking awesome? Don’t panic. We got you covered. We’ll create a job for you personally. Just click the button ‘I don’t have a clue’ and follow the instructions that start you in the right direction. 

Yenlo Blog

DevOps best practices

San Francisco, 22 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, Chamith Kumarage from WSO2  presented the vision of WSO2 around 'DevOps Best Practices'. Read...Read more

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