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WSO2 Training

Become an expert in your field

Being a WSO2 expert has its perks. Ask our guru’s. You get to tackle your own IT problems and you know how to deal with a crisis. The sky is your limit, as long as you know your way around in the cloud. Interested in getting your WSO2 certificate? Then visit our classroom training sessions. Busy schedule? Then follow one of our webinars. But before doing anything else, become a member of the WSO2 Community. It will be the starting point of all your IT adventures (and you’ll find some useful information there). Check.    

Training & Certification
WSO2 Training by Yenlo

Excellent Training on WSO2 Products by Yenlo

A certification means recognition and proves your WSO2 skills. Yenlo is a Premier Certified WSO2 Partner and delivers first class training on WSO2 products around the world. There are two options: a public classroom training program or a private training on location.

Click on this link to see an overview of our training courses, dates and locations.

Training & Aftercare
WSO2 Training Yenlo

WSO2 Training Aftercare Program

We all know training is just a starting point. Your business is out there in the real world, and you are going to run into some problems eventually. We get that. This is why we have started the WSO2 Training Aftercare Program. A service that does exactly that: taking care of all the real-life WSO2 related issues you come across after you have left the training room.

What to expect?

  • A private online session of 4 hours every 3 months
  • A private WSO2 Development Support package of 20 hours
  • 2 free public training days of choice to expand your knowledge 

The WSO2 Training Aftercare program starts right after your first training and takes one year. In this year, we will upskill your existing knowledge and update you on the latest WSO2 products and features. 

Skills are your biggest asset, and they should be worked on! Check

webinars & workshops
WSO2 Events

Stay up to date!

In cooperation with WSO2 we organize several events around the world, like webinars and workshops. These events provide you with first hand technical backgrounds, best practices and WSO2 product overviews. During these events you will be able to have one-on-one discussions with peers and WSO2 experts. Check

WSO2 Community
WSO2 Community LinkedIn

Free membership

An important part of the WSO2 and Yenlo philosophy is sharing. Sharing knowledge, source code, solutions, and so on. Join the WSO2 community at LinkedIn, visit:


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