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At Yenlo we are happy fan of WSO2. We breathe open source. No licenses, no obligations, but FREEDOM and endless innovation. It’s in our motto: What you need is what you get. We use the open source integration platform to build the future of your business technology. You get complete middleware, not just a hub that deals with messages. And you get us, your main partner. Worldwide. No. 1. No kidding. Check.


The WSO2 Dashboard Server (formerly WSO2 User Engagement Server) helps to rapidly create visually appealing and engaging web components such as dashboards, and gadgets, and unlocking data for business intelligence and monitoring. With the host of capabilities that Dashboard Server provides out-of-the-box, going from data to screen has never been easier.

WSO2 Dashboard Server (WSO2 DS) works with any WSO2 product as part of our underlying platform. Dashboard requirements for WSO2 products such as Data Analytics Server and Complex Event Processor are handled by Dashboard Server.

The WSO2 Dashboard Server is part of the 100% open source integration platform WSO2 where you also can find products like the WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS), WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB), WSO2 API Manager (WSO2 API), WSO2 Data Analytics Server (WSO2 DAS) and WSO2 Carbon.


Often, visualizing data is a challenge - especially in the context of monitoring it. Most businesses have to make do with limited, restrictive user interfaces.

Dashboard Server alleviates this by providing a set of features that allow you to visually compose, build, and deploy data interfaces to the public or to private users, visualizing data from databases, WebSockets and more. An enterprise web store allows users to share gadgets with one another - users can build dashboards and gadgets with any data source and share them among authenticated or anonymous users across the enterprise. Dashboards are secure, supporting single sign on, and with this new release, can be individually customized by users to suit their needs.


Create powerful, mobile-ready dashboards

  • Graphical dashboard composer with default layouts out of the box
  • Centralized hosting and management of all your dashboards
  • Design multi-tabbed dashboard interfaces for easier categorization and visual flow
  • Use drilldown view to explore data points more extensively
  • A graphical UI for configuring inter-gadget communications, sparing the need for XML

Open, highly scalable Architecture

  • Customize the theming of your dashboard, and enable different dashboards to have their own themes
  • Create your own layout of the dashboard and include as predefined
  • Create your own gadgets and incorporate in your dashboard
  • Package all artifacts as deployable artifact as Carbon Applications (.car) and include dynamically
  • Multi tenant, with quick deployment with cloud and can horizontally scale with more WSO2 Dashboards Server instances.

Secure, role-based dashboard access

  • Apply security based on users and user roles, including controlled sharing
  • Open dashboards to specific users or to all for public information
  • Out-of-the-box Single-Sign-On (SSO) allows a user to use WSO2 DS without needing multiple logins
  • Easy Integration with WSO2 Identity Server for authentication and authorization needs (e.g. SSO, OAuth)
Interested in becoming an WSO2 expert? Follow one of our official WSO2 training courses.

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