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At Yenlo we are happy fan of WSO2. We breathe open source. No licenses, no obligations, but FREEDOM and endless innovation. It’s in our motto: What you need is what you get. We use the open source integration platform to build the future of your business technology. You get complete middleware, not just a hub that deals with messages. And you get us, your main partner. Worldwide. No. 1. No kidding. Check.


WSO2 Data Analytics Server is a comprehensive enterprise data analytics platform; it fuses batch and real-time analytics of any source of data with predictive analytics via machine learning. It supports the demands of not just business, but Internet of Things solutions, mobile and Web apps.

In a business context, this effectively helps enterprises to gather insightful information and make well-informed decisions, monitoring this insight via user-friendly dashboards. In broader applications, this allows for any cluster of events to be analyzed, monitored, and even predicted.

WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.0 is an evolution of WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.5.0, built to better serve the needs of today’s connected enterprise.

WSO2 Data Analytics Server can collect data streams, run them through batch, real-time, interactive, predictive (to be announced) analyses and then communicate these as actionable insights via APIs, dashboards, alerts and queries. It’s unique in that these analyses can be run simultaneously, using data from IoT, mobile or Web applications, giving you the ability to publish the data just once and analyze both data in motion and data at rest with the same software.

 WSO2 DAS incorporates Apache Spark, the open source cluster computing framework for large-scale data processing. For interactive analytics, there’s Apache Lucene. It also builds on the fast performance of the WSO2 Siddhi CEP engine by adding streaming regression and anomaly detection operators to facilitate fraud and error detection - and this is in addition to a wealth of features meant for easy visualization and communication of data and knowledge.

Put together, this brings the capability to collect, organize and analyze data that would have been previously inaccessible or unusable, from sensors to existing business systems.

Collect data from any source:

  • Receive data from almost any event source through java agents (Thrift,Kafka,JMS), javascript clients (Web Sockets,REST), IoT (MQTT) and from over 100 WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Connectors
  • Publish events to one API for real-time, batch or combined processing
  • Access analytics service via comprehensive REST API

Integrated Real-Time, Batch And Interactive Analytics:

  • Execute batch programs faster (up to 100X faster than Hadoop Mapreduce in memory)
  • Full text searching, complex query lookup, with distributed indexing support through Apache Lucene for interactive analytics
  • Detect patterns (fraud detection) by correlating events from multiple data sources in real time through the high performing, open source CEP engine powered by WSO2 Siddhi
  • Use predictive analysis via integration with WSO2 Machine Learner
  • Correlate/filter events at the edge for edge analytics

Easy adoption and extensibility:

  • Structured, easy to learn SQL-like query language for developing complex queries
  • Builds scalable analytic querying through Spark SQL
  • Supports RDBMS (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL) data storage for low to medium-scale enterprise deployments
  • Supports HBase and Cassandra as NoSQL storage for big data enterprise deployments
  • Industry/domain-specific toolboxes to extend product for business use cases, such as fraud detection, GIS data monitoring, activity monitoring


  • Customizable dashboards that give users an at-a-glance view as well as details
  • Real-time alerts (email, sms, push notification, physical sensor alarms, etc.) for instant condition reporting
  • Expose event tables as an API via WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Data Services Server

Interested in becoming an WSO2 Data Analytics Server expert? Follow one of our official WSO2 training courses.

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