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Freedom only

At Yenlo we are happy fan of WSO2. We breathe open source. No licenses, no obligations, but FREEDOM and endless innovation. It’s in our motto: What you need is what you get. We use the open source integration platform to build the future of your business technology. You get complete middleware, not just a hub that deals with messages. And you get us, your main WSO2 partner. Worldwide. No. 1. No kidding. Check.

A complete integration platform

When starting a conversation about integration, most people will refer to the Enterprise Service Bus along with the Data Services ServerBut there’s so much more to it. Integration is also about safely unlocking services through API management. Plus it involves the governance within your organization with the Governance Registry. Think about Security and Single Sign-On with an Identity Server, policies, and much more. Stop worrying about Big Data analyses using the Data Analytics Server; we gladly perform them for you. At last but not least the Dashboard Server for great looking dashboards and graphs. Each component based on the award winning WSO2 Carbon Framework. New in stock is the WSO2 Update Manager who successfully keep up to date all the components for you.. The rest is taken care of by WSO2. Freedom. That’s why we choose the WSO2 integration platform.

100% open source is really 100% open source

It would seem like there’re plenty of open source providers. But are there really? Sadly no. Customers often have to choose between a ‘Community Edition’ and an ‘Enterprise Edition’. Again: licenses. And with licenses, you lose your freedom and flexibility. With the WSO2 integration platform, you won’t have such problems. WSO2 software, documentation, and everything around it is really open and free to use. For us. For you. For everyone.

Open yet with Support

So WSO2 is 100% open source. Cool. But is doesn’t stop there. WSO2 is not just open for everyone; it comes with 24/7 support. Yenlo and WSO2, we’re a team. We’re like brothers. We deliver WSO2 Development Support, WSO2 Operational Support, and WSO2 Product Support. We work closely together. Yenlo and WSO2, Yenlo and your organization, your organization and WSO2; it’s mix and match. The options are endless. And there’s freedom. Freedom to make your own choices.    

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eBay uses WSO2 to perform more than one billion transactions per day

With the success of eBay, a great need for a reliable 24/7 availability of the services emerged, in order to support all transactions. There is no room for error, especially during peak times. In December, for example, the number of online purchases goes through the roof.

eBay uses the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus to perform more than one billion transactions per day during peak times. That’s cool. Very cool. That’s WSO2.



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