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Do you want to get down to work with WSO2? Just say the word, and we’ll come over to get you started. Together, we’ll put your project on track. We speak your language, and we’re professionals just like you. Meaning you’ll get tailor-made advice you can actually work with. Software is not something you should admire from a distance. It has to work. Right now. Immediately. That’s how we feel, and you probably do too. So we won’t leave until the job is done. Check.  

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WSO2 orientation day

Yenlo's WSO2 Orientation day

Are you unsure about what to do or how to use the WSO2 integration stack? No worries, during a single Yenlo's WSO2 orientation day, tailor-made for your specific situation, we make you and your company familiar with the open source WSO2 integration platform

This includes:

  • One day on premises
  • Full overview of the WSO2 integration platform
  • Tailor-made advice on what to use and how to use it
  • Tailor-made roadmap for the next steps

Effective and accessible. For everyone to understand. Everything you need for a journey through innovation land. 

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WSO2 Quickstart

Yenlo's Jump Start for WSO2

Our Jump Start service quickly enables you and your organization to get the most out of the WSO2 integration platform based on best practices and many years of experience. We don't talk; we take action. Together we implement the WSO2 integration platform in your IT environment. We build, we align, and we get all the systems and functions up and running. Then we demonstrate all we've installed to your colleagues. 

  • 10 days on premises
  • 5 days off premises
  • Active WSO2 Development Support

We perform this service in close collaboration with WSO2. Should you have any questions or specific software requirements, let us know. Why? Because we can, and because we want to.


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WSO2 Architecture

WSO2 Architecture

Based on your requirements, best practices and years of experience, we design and implement the best solution architecture for your business needs. Before we get to work, we design a so-called Functional Solution Architecture description and a Technical Solution Architecture solution. In there, you find all the information you need to get your WSO2 integration platform on track.    

  • Design and implement Functional Solution Architecture
  • Design and implement Technical Solution Architecture
  • Certified and guaranteed by our Yenlo gurus

Our solutions are characterized by their stability and high availability. That's a given; we won't settle for less.

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