A soft landing

Problems? Questions? Looking for someone to share your IT dreams with? We’re just around the corner. We’ll release you from your troubles. Just give us a shout and we’ll be knocking on your door. We’ll take over the entire project if you want us to. Your next step will be a soft landing. What you need is what you get, remember? Our gurus can do everything. They even dream in the WSO2 language. It got us that closet full of trophies. But trophies don’t fix problems. We do. So if you have one, you’ll know where to find us. Check.     

Leader in WSO2 craftsmanship

WSO2 Guru Team

Based on years of experience and tons of best practices we present to you the WSO2 Guru Team! This team is used to collaboration and is able to kick start your WSO2 implementation project, get things done and overcome the toughest challenges. Do you need top dogs? Then look no further! Yenlo and WSO2 are the partners you want for your next integration project. 



WSO2 Expertise 

Yenlo delivers first class WSO2 software development services by Certified WSO2 experts worldwide. With these experts in your team, every implementation project is bound to be successful. You can rely on years of experience and best practices around the world. Go ahead and hire one of our experts based on Time & Material + Expenses. Flexibel and reliable. Check.   



Do it yourself or have it done

Don't want to do it yourself? We can do it fo you. Our specialized WSO2 team delivers turnkey projects so you are ready to start your business as soon as possible. We take ownership, responsibility and absolutely guarantee a positive outcome. We stand for commitment. You can sit down and have a coffee. Check. 


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