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WSO2 is open source and accessible to everyone. Bye bye licenses, hello freedom. WSO2 (sometimes misspelled as WS02) enables integration like no other. Suddenly information systems that you thought would be incompatible, are the best of friends. All because of WSO2. It makes cool things happen. WSO2 integrates, translates and saves all your stuff. It’s like a coffee maker, but for data. And it’s your favorite mug at the same time. And the thermos. In other words: WSO2 makes your work easier and more fun. It’s free, easily accessible and always up to date. Just the way you like it. Check.

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eBay uses WSO2 to perform more than one billion transactions per day

With the success of eBay, a great need for a reliable 24/7 availability of the services emerged, in order to support all transactions. There is no room for error, especially during peak times. In December, for example, the number of online purchases goes through the roof.

eBay uses the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus to perform more than one billion transactions per day during peak times. That’s cool. Very cool. That’s WSO2.




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