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Ever dreamed of becoming an expert of the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus? This is your chance. Yenlo is a Premier Partner of WSO2 and delivers first class training on WSO2 products around the world. With many hands-on training labs based on years of experience implementing the technology at customers all over the world.

100% open source WSO2 integration platform

The WSO2 middleware integration platform is ideal for creating an API-centric or IOT-driven architecture. The WSO2 platform consist of several excellent modules like the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB), the WSO2 API manager (WSO2 APIM), the WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS), the WSO2 Governance Registry (WSO2 GOV), the WSO2 Message Broker (WSO2 MB), the WSO2 Data Analytic Server, and many more modules. All of these modules are build on the award winning WSO2 Carbon framework.

This WSO2 training course, provided by Yenlo, is part of a full WS02 training program addressing each mentioned module. The Yenlo training courses for WSO2 are stuffed with hands-on WSO2 labs and WSO2 tutorials, based on years of implementation experiences.

Training Outline

So what are you going to learn and do? Let us explain to you.

Training days

1 day


The WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is the successor to the  WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

In this product the functionality of the ESB is combined  with other WSO2 Products. These products are:

  1. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  2. WSO2 Business Process Server (full product)
  3. WSO2 Data Services Server (integrated as feature)
  4. WSO2 Message Broker (full product)
  5. WSO2 MSF4J (Micro Services Framework for Java)
  6. WSO2 EI Analytics

It is not necessary or required to use these products and  the same goes for the training, training for these  products is optional.

The WSO2 Enterprise Integrator for Developers - Advanced, training program allows senior software developers and SOA architects to master their skills in WSO2 EI technology. This training course picks up where the "WSO2 Enterprise Integrator for Developers  - Fundamentals" program left and covers more advanced topics that are often used in production and high available environments. So what are you going to learn and do? Let us explain to you.


 Day 1

  • Configuring transports (VFS, TCP, JMS, MAILTO)
  • Custom Extension of the Enterprise Integrator
  • Cross WSO2 Product integration (i.e. DAS mediator, API Manager, Governance Registry)
  • Advanced Data Serviced Server topics
  • Advanced Message Broker topics


This program is designed for IT professionals with experience in systems integration and explicitly targets senior integration specialists interested in becoming certified on WSO2 EI technology, or IT architects/developers with in interest in this area. You must have relevant expierence with the WSO2 EI before entering this course. 


After attending this course, participants will be able to perform the following activities: perform basic admin tasks for user management, registry mounting and system monitoring, configuring transports (JMS, VFS, TCP, MAILTO), integrate EI with other WSO2 products to achieve a complete solution, extend WSO2 EI's functionality, like writing tasks or creating custom mediators or custom connectors.

Minimum required knowledge before you enter the course

Participants should have completed the "WSO2 EI for Developers – Fundamentals" training. They should have Java programming experience, and a sufficient understanding of message-oriented middleware and ESB/EI products.


You are required to bring your own laptop. We will provide you all necessary virtual servers running on Amazon (AWS) you need to follow this course. You can extend the usage of the Training LABS and Training materials on Amazon (AWS) for 1 week directly after the Training period for a fixed fee.

All provided material is Copyright © Protected by Yenlo and may not be published and/or reproduced.

Method, Dates and Locations

Instructor-led workshop with practical exercises called hands-on labs provided by Yenlo LABS. See an overview of available dates and locations. Is yours not listed? Don't panic, we do provide private training courses as well, please contact us.

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