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WSO2 Carbon Administrator

Ever dreamed of becoming an expert of the WSO2 Carbon Administrator? This is your chance. Yenlo is a Premier Partner of WSO2 and delivers first class training on WSO2 products around the world. With many hands-on training labs based on years of experience implementing the technology at customers all over the world.

Training Outline

So what are you going to learn and do? Let us explain to you.

Training days

1 day


This training has been designed to give complete technical knowledge to manage WSO2 products based on the WSO2 Carbon platform. WSO2 Carbon is a middleware platform that has been designed to implement and support industry best practices for enterprise architecture giving customers a unified platform to write highly-available and scalable applications with a unified administration strategy from an operational perspective.


 Day 1

  • WSO2 Platform Overview with an introducing of the WSO2 Carbon Framework
  • Understand how to create an high available cluster for each WSO2 product
  • Understand how to monitor, log and debug each WSO2 product
  • Understand how to manage developers on the platform


The course is targeted towards systems administrators without previous WSO2 experience who want to learn how to monitor and manage the WSO2 carbon platform and learn how to react to common issues and problems.


In this course, participants will learn how to install, configure, and maintain the WSO2 Carbon framework, and to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single machine or clustered configuration. In addition, participants will learn how to work with data sources, common product integration and basic security features. We also cover the management tools via JMX- and management-console.

Minimum required knowledge before you enter the course

Participants should have experience in system administration, and have thorough OS skills (Linux) and scripting. A basic understanding of common networking issues and challenges in service-oriented distributed environments will prove useful.


You are required to bring your own laptop. We will provide you all necessary virtual servers running on Amazon (AWS) you need to follow this course. You can extend the usage of the Training LABS and Training materials on Amazon (AWS) for 1 week directly after the Training period for a fixed fee.

All provided material is Copyright © Protected by Yenlo and may not be published and/or reproduced.

Method, Dates and Locations

Instructor-led workshop with practical exercises called hands-on labs provided by Yenlo LABS. See an overview of available dates and locations. Is yours not listed? Don't panic, we do provide private training courses as well, please contact us.

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