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For sure your IT works. Period. But could your IT department use a little assistance? Or are you dealing with problems you can’t fix yourself? Don’t panic. We’re only a phone call away and we gladly provide you with some back-up support. Our gurus are waiting by the phone from 9:00 to 17:00 CET and PST, always willing to help. It’s what they do. They monitor your technical environment and manage incidents expertly. So while you focus on your connected business, we make sure your Java, Oracle or WSO2 platform runs smoothly every day.

If you have a valid support account with Yenlo, you can go to our support portal.

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WSO2TORIAL: I like  to move it - Moving files with WSO2 ESB VFS transport (Part 1)

One of the lesser documented transports in the WSO2 ESB is the VFS (Virtual Files System) transport. This Axis2 transport allows you to move files from one location...Read more

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