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Uniting the online and offline world: that’s what iBeacons do. Because of these small, intelligent transmitters, the world around us is more interactive than ever. Museums come to life, cities start to talk and communication takes on a whole new meaning. That’s why we’re Managed iBeacon fans. And it’s the reason why we developed a platform. One that unlocks this clever and secret weapon through APIs. How cool is that? Now we can send personal messages to you, both online and offline. It's the future of IT, but it’s happening right now. And we're not done yet. Check.

what do you get out of it?

Asset Managers

Let’s say you own a couple of buildings, street lights, buses and trams. How would you turn these objects into resources? It’s simple: you make them personal. Equip them with a Connected Managed iBeacon and your objects come to life. Sell the information you gain from the iBeacons to other companies, marketers and others and there you have it: a new source of income. And don’t worry about safety: it’s all been taken care of. That’s the power of our Managed iBeacon Platform.

what do you get out of it?


As a marketer, you’re the one that creates new campaigns for your company. What if we told you that you could use iBeacons signals to send personal offers directly to the smartphones of your customers in the upcoming months? How cool would that be? You might want to know about the expenses. You’re gonna love it, because you only pay for what you use. That is the power of our Managed iBeacon Platform.

So how does it work?

Using our Managed iBeacon Platform is simple. iBeacons can be registered and logged on to the platform via a mobile app. Subsequently, they can be incorporated into an existing or new marketing campaign. Mobile app users register their mobile app through our web portal and, based on the marketing campaign definition, get access to all active iBeacon signals and geo-positions. Cool, right? This is your full IoT platform, your IoT gateway so to speak.

Do you want to start using our Managed iBeacon Platform, keep in mind that:

  • We charge no connection fees
  • You don’t pay any platform development costs
  • You don’t pay any license fees or subscription fees

That’s right! You only pay for the iBeacon signals that were actually received on a smartphone. The costs per signal are pretty much negligible. This is IT today, based on the pay-for-what-you-use model.

The Evidence Managed iBeacon Platform

iBeacons at Sail, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a growing number of iBeacons within its city limits. A conglomerate of parties is currently performing tests to further expand the project.

An iBeacon enables objects and buildings to communicate with passers-by that carry a smartphone. It constantly transmits signals that provide the smartphone owner with extra information on, for instance, a museum or a piece of art.

Today, a whole trace of iBeacons can be found throughout the Dutch capital, called the iBeacon mile. This two-kilometer long path leads from the central railway station to the Marine. The full-scale project will be launched in 2016.

The iBeacon Mile is an initiative of 20 parties that have invested in the project in the form of financial or practical support, and is led by the city of Amsterdam. Partners include KPN (LoRaWan infrastructure), Glimworm (Beacons), Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Intel, Yenlo (WSO2), JCDecaux and the Waag Society.

Yenlo delivers the 'Managed iBeacon Platform’, based on the open source WSO2 integration platform. This platform enables organizations to manage, monitor and connect their IoT services to the rest of the world.

(source: Computable)

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