Managed File Transfer

Monitored data exchange

Data must be sent from A to B, back to A, and sometimes to C, D and E. If you automate this process, it saves you time and money and you reduce the likelihood of error. So that’s what we’ve done, using the best WSO2 technology there is. Our solution enables you to automate thousands of files and easily send and receive checks. The secret of the solution lies in the robustness. As a result, you get massive amounts of work done. Do you want to send Christmas greetings to 5.000.000 addresses both at home and abroad? You got it!


Linking the old to the new 

Sending data is no rocket science. Adding some logic to data streams is. Lucky for us (and you probably), this is exactly what the WSO2 integration platform does. Not only does it guarantee the safety of your data streams; it’s able to filter information and to start up different processes. Excel files are easily turned into JSON, Rest or SOAP Services and then sorted by receiver. This process is completely automated, meaning you can do other things with your time. That is, apart from creating a simple Excel file.

linearly scalable

Ready for every challenge

Traditional file handling uses only one server. When the server connection drops out, the process stops. However, if you’d add a second server, you wouldn’t risk a dropout and processes would go twice as fast. That’s how the WSO2 platform operates. Its system is powerful and clustered. By using several servers simultaneously, you're able to higher your performance and you keep on going after one of the servers has gone down. We call it the 'Managed File Transfer' solution or 'WSO2 file transfer'. This is why this WSO2 based solution is enterprise ready. Meaning it can handle large amounts of data and is ready to take on every challenge.

Key Features
WSO2 Managed File Transfer - Key features

Key features

This Yenlo solution support the following key features:

  • Routing based on name or content;
  • Push and Pull methods for (S)FTP, SMB, NSF;
  • Guaranteed delivery;
  • Delivery Retry mechanism; 
  • Automatic archiving;
  • Detection of double file input;
  • Single source, multiple Targets;
  • Determinate sending order of files to Target(s);
  • Monitoring and Alerting options.

And many more awesome features, just ask.


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