Taking WSO2 to the next level

Information systems are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they’re connected. In order to get systems to talk to each other, we have some great solutions in store. What is common to all of them, is that they’re robust, scalable and mind-blowingly awesome. And whether you’re a techie, an iBeacon fan or a governmental hero: we make sure you get what you need. Data should be able to flow freely. You can save your unnecessary expenses for someone else. Check.  

the promise we keep

What you need is what you get


Best Technology


Best Experts


Best Fit

We have standard solutions for all kind of daily challenges. Standard out-of-the -box solutions for on-premises usage or Cloud based usage. When using our Cloud solutions, you only pay for what you use. No product or license fees. It's only fair.




Organizations and communities differ: you can't compare the Amsterdam city council with a small community. That's why we make sure everyone gets exactly what he or she needs: the best technoloy, the best people and the perfect fit. And forget about that wheel: we've already invented it for you. 



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