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You probably hit this page because you were looking for something, but somehow misspelled or mean something else? No problem, we got your back. On this page many search items people often misspelled and our wild guess what you were looking for. Hit it!

So were you looking for....

You typed...  We guess you were looking for... 
WS02 People often type WS02 (with a zero) instead of WSO2 (with an O). So look no further and look over here to find out everything you ever wanted to know about WS02 or WSO2.
WS02 esb Same as above, so we guess you are looking for the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.
WS02 registry And there we go again, so this time you are looking for the WSO2 Goverance Registry.
WS02 api  Like all above and the items below the 'Zero' should be an 'O' and you really want to know more about the WSO2 API Manager.
WS02 bam This stand for the WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring, but that product is rebranded to WSO2 Data Analytics Server now these days.
WS02 das The same as above, WSO2 Data Analytics Server is what you are looking for.
WS02 is Yep, you found it, this stands for the WSO2 Identity Server, a very cool solution for your Identity Server management. Did you know it supports eID, DigiD and eHerkenning as well?
WS02 carbon Ouch, once again you hit it with a zero. Well, the WSO2 Carbon open source middleware platform framework is the only 100% open source, lean and mean basis for each SOA enabled solution.
WS02 dss That is of course the awesome (you can do great stuff with it) WSO2 Data Services Server. Read all about it here, we do have some great blogs about this product as well.
WS02 enterprise integrator O yes, this is the new (2017) product from WSO2 which integrates many stuff like ESB, MB, DSS and more. Read all about it here.

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