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What do you get when you put open source into practice? On this page, you meet our customers and read all about the projects we've been on, and the results we've achieved together. Because every IT solution starts with a problem. Or a challenge, if you ask us. Check.


case study wso2 esb

Yenlo helps Warmteservice to automate the human way

Warmteservice started out as a family business. Processing orders, invoices and personnel details was a piece of cake. Today, Warmteservice consists of 53 branches and an online shop and data processing has become way more complex. That’s why the IT department went looking for a modern integration solution, which they found in the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.


Case Study WSO2 API Manager
Thermostat Quby - WSO2 API Manager case study

Yenlo links Quby smart thermostat to good ideas

The smart thermostat of Quby is booming and aims high in the Netherlands and abroad. It was time for the next step, they thought at Quby. That’s why they called in the Yenlo WSO2 Gurus to open up the Quby thermostat to external developers, by using the WSO2 open source platform.


Wageningen University and Research Centre

Wageningen University & Research Centre

The WUR owes a greater part of its international success to the combination of science and IT, two components that are inseparably linked in Wageningen. It was only a matter of time before the WUR took a next step, and called in the Yenlo WSO2 Gurus to implement a complete solution for the supply chain management of their corporate systems.


Case Study Enterprise Architecture

Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden

Yenlo implemented a software solution that automates requests and notifications and makes HDSRs services run faster and more smoothly than ever.


Case Study Digikoppeling

Province Overijssel

Dutch province Overijssel was looking for a safe way to exchange electronic messages and chose the ebMS adaptor by Yenlo.


Case Study Software Development

Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC (University Medical Center) and Yenlo developed a design tool for family trees based on an elaborate information system.


Case Study WSO2


In a succesful online organization, 24/7 availability is key. That's why eBay uses the WSO2 integration platform to perform more than one billion transactions per day.



Yenlo Blog

How open APIs might just make Schiphol the world’s coolest airport

Ever tried counting all the developers in the world? We tried, but we got bored and gave up. There’s just too many of them! Researchers with a lot of free time and a lack...Read more

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