Solace - High-speed Data Movement for API's and Services

So what is Solace?

Solace provides the most robust, scalable data movement backbone around. It supports all kinds of messaging, WAN optimization and data streaming as part of one platform, and can be deployed in cloud, datacenter and IoT environments.

Solace supports the message exchange patterns you use to connect applications and information sources (e.g. pub/sub, request/reply, fanout, fanin) and qualities of service like best effort, guaranteed and transactional.

In the series 'Fan of...' we show some of the technology we use during our implementation projects. These are technology components we love, this is what we do. Check.

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Solace integration

Management of API's

Solace provides a REST API that lets you automate the configuration of message routers including clients, queues, topics, message VPNs and more. It leverages the Open API specification (commonly called Swagger) to automatically generate client libraries in dozens of languages including Java, JavaScript, C, C#, Perl, Python and Ruby.


Integration with your Application Infrastructure

Configuring Solace as the underlying transport for open source frameworks gives developers using Apache Camel, Spring, Spring Cloud, UltraESB, WSO2, Mule and jBoss the ability to boost the performance of their applications and enterprise service buses with Solace’s data distribution capabilities. Solace provides integration guides that make it easy to integrate Solace with the app servers and other middleware products you use today.

Yenlo & Solace

Yenlo is a huge fan of Solace. We team closely together to provide best-in-class solution for your Digital Tranformation. So no worries, we got you covered all the way from implementation till support and everything in between. Contact us for more information.

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