So what is Nginx?

Basically, Nginx is a web server. It can act as a reverse proxy server for HTTPHTTPSSMTPPOP3, and IMAP protocols, as well as a load balancer and an HTTP cache. Nginx is the world’s most popular open source variant. But actually Nginx is an awesome, extreme high-speed 'can-do-everything' alternative for usally expensive load balancer solutions and more. We use Nginx in many of our WSO2 related projects for the simple fact that is creates a simple but very effective high avaliability setup in just minutes.

In the series 'Fan of...' we show some of the technology we use during our implementation projects. These are technology components we love, this is what we do. Check.

A typical setup we use
Nginx setup with WSO2

Let Nginx handle it

Usually, if you are in the need of a strong load balancer solution for optimal high avaliablity, we us Nginx (plus) at the front of our WSO2 setup to handle all HTTP(s) requests, and we us Nginx (plus) at the back of our WSO2 setup to also internally load balance the database cluster, for instance MySQL of ClustrixDB.

How to use
Nginx plus

Ease of Use

Nginx will be familiar to anyone who uses Apache/Tomcat and who is familiar with reserve proxies setup's.
Main Features:
  • Ability to handle more than 10,000 simultaneous connections
  • Handling of static files, index files and auto-indexing
  • Reverse proxy with caching
  • Load balancing with in-band health checks
  • Fault tolerance
  • TLS/SSL with SNI and OCSP stapling support, via OpenSSL
  • FastCGI, SCGI, uWSGI support with caching
  • Name- and IP address-based virtual servers
  • Web page access authentication
  • URL rewriting
  • Concurrent connection limiting
  • Request processing rate limiting
  • Bandwidth throttling

And so much more. Bottom-line: Nginx get the job done!

Yenlo & Nginx

Yenlo is a fan of Nginx. We know the technology very well and applied it with succes in several projects. So no worries, we got you covered all the way from implementation till support and everything in between. Contact us for more information.

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