Clustrix DB's just faster

ClustrixDB seems like just another relational database....but then with a lot, and we mean a lot, faster response times than you have ever expierenced before. You need ultra high performance?  Write scalability? You need clustering with as many nodes as you like? Then this is the database solution you need. Scalable and highly-avaliable beyond sense.

In the series 'Fan of...' we show some of the technology we use during our implementation projects. These are technology components we love, this is what we do. Check.

Why is it so awesome
Scaling a ClustrixDB environment

Scale by default

Your enterprise applications see ClustrixDB as a single MySQL database. Unlike MySQL, ClustrixDB can scale database performance as you add commodity hardware to the cluster. Scale your relational database performance by 10x without having to modify your application. Add or subtract nodes from the cluster with only the click of a button. This is the smart choice for high-transaction, high-value workloads, for instance your WSO2 setup.

How to use
Import MySQL data into ClustrixDB

Ease of Use

ClustrixDB will be familiar to anyone who uses MySQL. Export data from MySQL directly into ClustrixDB. Sync the databases and then cut over to ClustrixDB.
Main Features:
  • Drop-in replacement for MySQL. Your applications see only a single MySQL database.
  • Scales both database reads AND writes. MySQL can only scale database 'reads' without complicated database gymnastics.
  • True scale-out relational database; add or subtract performance by adding or subtracting nodes.
  • Flex Up and Flex Down, easily expand or contract the size of your database cluster match monthly or seasonal peaks. Never pay for more capacity than you need.
  • ClustrixDB works in the data center or in any cloud.

Yenlo & ClustrixDB

Yenlo is a fan of ClustrixDB. We know the technology very well and applied it with success in several projects. Our Yenlo Guru's are friends with the Clustrix team in the USA. So no worries, we got you covered all the way from implementation until support and everything in between. Contact us for more information.

See also our pressrelease.

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