So what is Agilestacks?

Agilestacks is fast, self-service provisioning of the latest most popular stacks in the cloud. With Agilestacks you have the perfect DevOps environment for your company without worries. Agilestacks combines all the know technology like Docker, WSO2 app factory, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and so much more, all built on Cloud infrastructure.

In the series 'Fan of...' we show some of the technology we use during our implementation projects. These are technology components we love, this is what we do. Check.

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Agilestacks building blocks

What is IT infrastructure?

It can be a large number of basic things we need to implement applications. For larger organizations it could be something like policy management, sophisticated intrusion detection systems, load balancing infrastructure, certificate management, service discovery, configuration management, container orchestration, file systems and other content storage vehicles, AAA security, performance monitoring, alerting systems, log management and analysis, replication management, auto-scaling, backup.

You may also consider higher level functions part of IT basics. This could include BigData stores, API Management, Integration Orchestration tools, BigData analysis tools, visualization tools, back-end mobile platforms or web service frameworks and many more. On top of that are the many development platforms that developers prefer.

And that is what Agile Stacks does, fully automated, fully flexible. It builds and maintain your full DevOps environment, anywhere, anytime.

Yenlo & Agilestacks

Yenlo is a huge fan of Agile Stacks. Actually John Mathon, founder of TIBCO and now founder of Agilestacks, is VP Strategy at Yenlo as well. With this tight connection, we are the perfect partner for your company. We know the technology very well and applied it with succes in several projects. So no worries, we got you covered all the way from implementation till support and everything in between. Contact us for more information.

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