Switch on your IoT

Ecover Switch on your IoT

Switch on your IoT

IoT is a big deal, and creates new business opportunities for organizations all over the world. But how should they respond to this development? We looked into the requirements that are needed to develop a success formula for a business in IoT. What does the ultimate business model look like, how should businesses develop their software architecture, what challenges will they face and what competences do they need to overcome them? This book will give you all the answers to get you started.
Written for the Nyenrode MBA study of René Wiersma, Enterprise Architect at Yenlo and with contributions of John Mathon, co-founder of TIBCO and currently Vice President of Strategy of Yenlo, Ruben van der Zwan, CEO and co-founder of Yenlo and Paul Fremantle, co-founder of WSO2 and currently doing a PHD in the Internet of Things at the University of Plymouth.

About the author and co-authors

John Mathon
John Mathon is one of the founders of TIBCO where he served as a CTO for 15 years. He has been Vice President of Computer Associates and in 2013 he became Vice President Product Strategy at WSO2. In 2016, John Mathon joined Yenlo as Vice President of Strategy. He invented the publish/subscribe pattern and has 10+ patents in messaging, security, content management, and file systems. John is one of the leading authorities in the area of IoT, API and SOA centric services. He is involved in award winning and disruptive projects all over the world with companies in the leading top-100. John Mathon is a well-known keynote speaker at universities and international conferences.

René Wiersma
René Wiersma MSc MBA is an Enterprise Architect at Yenlo and has more than 15 years of experience in helping organizations designing and implementing strategic and operational business and IT solutions

With an MBA degree in Business & IT, a Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture, and a long history in programming, he has built expertise in both business and technology, which enables him to easily shift from exploring strategic opportunities with board members to exploring technological features with developers.

René has always been fascinated by the way technology changes society and closely monitors the development of IoT. Being a techie, he cannot help wanting to find out everything there is to know about new IT strategies, enterprise engineering, customer trends and the way they collide. René is married and father of two, and he lives in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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