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Yenlo. Check.

Yenlo = A group of smart people that support organizations in making their IT systems fast and agile. We deliver smart IT solutions. We unravel and we connect. So that data streams flow within companies, between companies, to customers and back to you. We work hard. Using only the newest Java and Open Source technologies. In a world where everything talks, communication is key. Just like coffee. Check.

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What you need is what you get


IT innovation




Cost Savings

Companies, health care facilities and the government are nonstop digitalizing their processes and updating their information systems. New rules, new revenue models, social media: everything influences the way they operate. As an IT-er, you want to be able to connect and disconnect information streams in a way that matches your organization. Innovation, Integration and Cost savings are important keywords, to you and to us. That’s why we choose for open source solutions, such as the WSO2 platform.

We’re experts in the field of integration. Guru’s, if you will. What you need is what you get. And what you get is enterprise architecture, software development, operational support, and intensive training. We connect everything to everyone, under the essential conditions of security, better management and simple logic. It’s what we’re good at. We do whatever it takes for your organization to innovate and accelerate if necessary. No worries. Together we challenge the status quo. Your competition will be left in the dust. Check!

Yenlo Blog

An introduction to OAUTH2 with use of WSO2 API Manager

Almost anyone who uses Google, Facebook or other online services uses, perhaps not knowingly, also use OAUTH2. What exactly is OAUTH2, why should you care and how can you...Read more

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