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Sound Transit: The search for a service-based platform

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“You need to be there when you say you’re going to be there,” says Matt Clark, Senior Enterprise Architect at Sound Transit. It sounds like a simple conclusion, but reality is a stubborn thing.

Public transit providers are dealing with fast-changing cities and even faster-changing customer demands. They ask for comfort, convenience and speed, while increasing traffic flows cause gridlocks and delays.

The secret of successful transit companies therefore lies in two things: a strong focus on rider communication and a solid IT backbone to streamline collaboration with partners and clients. A combination of both sounds undoable, expensive and too good to be true. Yet, Sound Transit makes it happen with the help of the Yenlo team.

The challenge

Sound Transit is a public transit provider that serves the urban areas of Washington, USA. They have their own trains and buses, but also manage customer payment systems, track works and the construction of bridges and tunnels.

Being a regional transit authority, it is their job to partner with the local transit agencies to create an integrated regional high-capacity transportation system. Quite a challenge, especially when you consider the public character of the agency.

Sound Transit spends public money, meaning they need to be transparent and cost-conscious in everything they do, and the public just entrusted them with a large capital investment to build more innovative and modern transit services.


“I wanted the platform to be future proof and I wanted it to be able to replace components. WSO2 simply ticked all the boxes.”


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