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An Insurance Company Chooses WSO2 as a Vendor to Displace MuleSoft


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The customer is a leading insurance company in the Nordic region with a market capitalization of more than $3 billion. The insurance industry is a highly competitive, innovation-driven industry where technology plays a key role.

To provide insurance services such as claims, pensions, asset management, etc., in a fast, efficient manner, insurance companies need to have a solid technology platform. Technology platforms always evolve d time and according to the demands of the business leaders and sales teams who urge the technical teams to deliver new services quickly – at times without much consideration of management, governance, and the standards associated with these services. Sometimes existing technology platforms do not allow technical teams to think about these aspects due to the lack of features.

The technical teams have realized over time that around 250-300 APIs have been developed and managing these APIs can be challenging.

The challenge

Some key challenges identified in the existing platform are:

  • The requirement for a vendor-specific skill set. Even if there was a process in place to acquire talent externally, they didn’t meet expectations.
  • Vendor-specific training programs were too expensive and didn’t meet the level of expectation.
  • Around 90% of integrations were simple service-chaining scenarios. The complexity of developing them was too high.
  • Lack of accessibility to development-related materials such as libraries and freedom/flexibility to combine with the existing pipeline (based on Git and Java-based open technologies).
  • APIs without proper details on usage and performance and how to get the required support in case of a faidlure.
  • Lack of details on ownership, dependencies, and workload/usage patterns.
  • No proper governance on the API design, development, and publishing process which made the process of managing API development difficult.


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