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GGD GHOR: Building an integration platform in two weeks

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In the Netherlands, the GGD GHOR, an organization responsible for coordinating and bringing emergency services together during national public health disasters, is tasked with setting up testing sites. Overflowing hospitals, deaths, and unrest caused by anxiety and fear for the virus is looming, urging the minister of Health to set a tight deadline.

The GGD GHOR, never having dealt with a disaster this big, is ordered to have the test sites up and running within six weeks.

The challenge

Building something from scratch would take much more time than the given deadline of six weeks, so that wasn’t a viable option. Instead, GGD GHOR needed to find a platform that they could install almost out of the box. An essential requirement for such a platform was that it could easily scale up its capacity in the number of connections, data streams, and messages. The expectation was that thousands of public testing sites would have to connect to the platform as well as many other parties. Such as private test locations, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

“The seriousness of this pandemic caused a lot of pressure. It’s hard to work under such immense pressure because we have to stay sharp in what is possible and what isn’t. It’s Yenlo’s job to make it possible, however. They did their job with vigor, so we were able to realize what we promised. I have much respect for what our organization was able to accomplish, and Yenlo has played a big part in it.”


The client case in an one minute video

We are the creators of Connext, an integration-platform between the CoronaCheck-App and all parties involved. The Connext platform structures data from countless test results, millions of megabytes and thousands of vaccination certificates. Safe, scalable and robust. This service is applicable to all industries



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