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GGD GHOR: Yenlo’s API Manager helps contain the COVID-19 pandemic

When COVID-19 reached the Netherlands, it was up to GGD GHOR to organize everything surrounding the containment of the virus. That meant they had to set up testing sites, vaccination sites, and a way for people to provide proof of immunity through vaccination, a negative PCR test, or a recovery certificate.



GGD GHOR is an organization in the Netherlands responsible for coordinating and bringing emergency services together during public health disasters. GGD GHOR is made up of its members: the 25 regional Municipal Health Services (GGDs).

The challenge

Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, GGD GHOR was unknown to the broader community. Their responsibilities were limited, and they didn’t have an IT infrastructure. So, being in charge of containing the COVID-19 pandemic was a considerable responsibility. The minister of Health set a very challenging timeline to complete the project. The testing sites needed to be up and running within six weeks. So, there was no time to build new infrastructure from scratch. GGD GHOR’s IT department was too limited to deal with the COVID-19 challenge, and because of the six-week deadline, there was no time to hire or train new people.

“We get a lot of help from Yenlo when troubleshooting. For example, when a message does not go from one application to another application, Yenlo works well with our technicians and our service desk to find the root cause and to fix the problem. Which is indeed crucial for our mission.”

Fedor van Eldijk, IT Manager at GGD GHOR 

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