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Open Healthcare and FHIR

A better standard for healthcare: FHIR and Open Healthcare

Open Healthcare or OHR (Open Healthcare Registry) is a new global reform that allows healthcare providers, health insurers, and governments to communicate and exchange information in a secure and reliable way. But what operating systems are fit for this new dawn? With the world’s eyes on healthcare, it is a crucial time to step up and take the lead with a better integration solution.

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What is Open Healthcare?

Open Healthcare is the API-first approach within healthcare technology. It’s driven by the new global FHIR protocol. Open Healthcare or OHR (Open Healthcare Registry) allows for increased interoperability of data exchange between information providers, users, and applications. OHR opens a whole new realm of improvements within the medical industry. And it’s needed.

HL7 and FHIR: Times are changing

Healthcare technology is due for an update. For the past four decades the HL7 protocol has supported healthcare providers and insurers with their workflows. It has been the worldwide standard for interoperability between EHR’s (Electronic Health Records). That time is changing. FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a new standard set to be adopted within the coming years. And with that new standard it brings about a plethora of opportunities and challenges in healthcare technology.

The most noticeable change of FHIR is to steer healthcare technology towards an API-first approach. Healthcare providers, insurers, and governments will have to update their SAP, EPIC, or NEXUS systems that handle the EHR’s to be compliant with FHIR.

The API-first approach

The API-first approach allows for multiple parties to safely exchange information across platforms. Ultimately benefiting operations, communication, and the patient’s care.

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Open Healthcare solution with Yenlo

To adapt to the FHIR standard, the majority of healthcare providers and insurers enter a complicated process of alterations, system overhauls, and integrations. And this is where Yenlo does the heavy lifting for you. Our state-of-the-art integration Platform as a Service (Connext Platform) is API- and Cloud-first and compatible with the FHIR protocol.

What that means?

Think of seamless interoperability between API’s, clear consent management, and reliable authentication and authorisation of users. Whatever operating system your current healthcare technology runs on, the Connext Platform fits seamlessly and will bring a flexible and ironclad data security solution.

Open Healthcare Solution with Yenlo

The Connext Platform puts those in healthcare in a secure position to lead the way. To bring about change that improves the healthcare industry’s efficiency, clarity, and care.

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