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A state of the art integration platform for an ambitious University

Utrecht University understands the importance of large scale data management and the need for a state of the art integration platform and chose Connext.

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Originally founded in 1636, Utrecht University has been a game changer for centuries. Well known for its groundbreaking research and education, the university is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to make the world we live in a better place. With over 30.000 students and more than 6.500 staff members, Utrecht University understands the importance of large scale data management and the need for a state of the art integration platform.


The Challenge

An institution as large as Utrecht University needs a wide variety of applications, platforms and IT-solutions to keep everything running smoothly from day to day. With the needs, requirements and expectations for each and every single application, platform and piece of software that changes every year, the IT landscape of such a large-scale organization can easily turn into an ill-fitting nightmare. After years of developing different applications and platforms for both students and staff members, each with their own requirements, programming language and accessibility, it became clear that in order to create a more convenient IT experience for both students and staff members, there was a dire need for better integration and communication between platforms and applications.

For example, until recently, students and staff members of Utrecht University had to use several different applications for different purposes. For instance, this meant that students had to log in to different applications each time they wanted to check their grades, schedules or if they wanted to make an appointment with a counsellor or tutor. This not only resulted in a severe waste of time, but also in a lot of inconvenient data cluttering.

There was also a demand for improvement at the financial administration department, where staff members were in need of a more automated process of handling invoices, which up until then, they had been doing manually.

Thanks to Connext we now have a much more convenient IT landscape, in which thousands of students and staff members can use easily accessible data, tools and automated processes.

Drs. Veroniek Blommaert, Universiteit Utrecht

The solution

The improvements that needed to be made, required a highly function integration platform, which started the search for a form of middleware that could meet the demands Utrecht University had. After conducting several tests, the university concluded that a managed WSO2 solution was the right fit for their needs.

The main reason for this is that a managed WSO2 platform makes continuous data exchange between ever-changing applications possible by integrating tools for API management, Enterprise Integration, Identity Management and real-time data analytics. This paves the way to a far more convenient IT landscape in which thousands of students and staff members can make use of easily accessible data, tools and automated processes, with experts from Yenlo continuously working on improvements.

A public tender at European level, led to the commissioning of Connext by Yenlo. With this Managed Middleware Platform in place, Utrecht University could finally start work on their new applications and the reconstruction of their invoice-handling system, to name a few. Through advanced data integration and API management, Connext made the full integration of several different platforms, systems and databases possible, paving the way for a highly improved student and staff experience.

Connext is the most innovative WSO2 cloud solution yet, making it the perfect fit for a university with over 30.000 students and more than 6.500 staff members.

Peter Willems, Director of Sales Yenlo

The result

With the fully implemented, hosted and managed Connext platform in place, the developers at Utrecht University could start working on a new, fully integrated application for students as well as a new system for the financial administration department that automatically handles invoices which saves Utrecht University a lot of time and money. For students, it is now possible to make appointments, search the library and check their grades and schedules all within one single application, contributing to a vastly improved experience for both students and staff members. This saves the counsellors and tutors a lot of time. The Connext solution, that make this all possible, is fully scalable and will expand with the growing demand for API requests.

About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a wide-range, international research university of high standing with a strong connection to the city of Utrecht and roots deep in the past (1636).

Their interdisciplinary research targets four themes: Life Sciences, Pathways to Sustainability, Dynamics of Youth and Institutions for Open Societies. A trailblazer in the field of modernising educational concepts, their student passing rates are high.

With teaching and research strongly connected, Utrecht University works together in tight communities and with a strong believe in diversity. All this provides a solid base from which Utrecht University works with others around the globe on the societal issues of the future.

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