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Yenlo links Quby smart thermostat to good ideas

Home automation 2.0

Quby takes customers to the next level

"Look, I just turned on the lights," says Michiel Fokke. We’re in the headquarters of Quby in Amsterdam, and he swipes his thumb across the screen of his phone. With ‘lights’ he means the lighting of his own house, which is all the way in Rotterdam. "Now my children know that daddy is in the middle of yet another demonstration," he says, laughing. Michiel Fokke is CTO of Quby, developer of the Quby thermostat, which is sold as “Toon” by Dutch energy supplier Eneco. Along with the Yenlo Gurus he’s working on an integration platform to make the smart thermostat accessible to developers. We talk about WSO2 open source solutions, the cooperation with Yenlo and the future of home automation.

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More then a thermostat

It’s been two years since Michiel Fokke started working for Quby, and in that short period of time he has changed desks for at least ten times. "The number of colleagues is growing by the minute," he explains. "When I first started at Quby we were with 35, now we’re with 150." The company hasn’t been expanding without reason. Since Quby and energy supplier Eneco joined forces in 2013, as many as 200,000 smart thermostats were sold in the Netherlands. This is not surprising, since the Quby thermostat is not just any thermostat. It is a complete service that allows you to control your solar panels, boilers, lighting and smoke detectors with your smartphone or iPad. In addition, the thermostat gives you insights into your energy consumption and utility bill. Simply put, Quby takes customer service to the next level, while creating a huge advantage for Eneco.

The ski is the limit

The smart thermostat is booming business and aims high both at home and abroad. Time for the next step, is what Quby thought. That’s why two WSO2 Gurus of Yenlo have been brought in to the IT department, instructed to open up the Quby thermostat to developers by using the WSO2 open source platform. "We like working with enthusiastic software developers with good ideas," Michiel says. "If we’re able to connect these developers to our smart thermostat, the sky is the limit." Customers will be able to do exact calculations of the consumption per household appliance, washing machines will start to talk and boilers will be self-diagnosing, to name a few future plans. In other words: opening up the Quby thermostat will introduce home Automation 2.0, ensuring both comfort and monthly savings.

All out with WSO2

All of these new features will soon become reality. When using the WSO2 platform software, developers gain access to the portal of the Quby thermostat. The authentication works according to the All-Out method, which means that every developer gets his own key, which is connected to a database containing information about the authorizations per system. This saves the Quby team a lot of time, as malfunctioning or even threatening apps can be easily disconnected.

By monitoring the API of the Quby thermostat through the WSO2 platform, Quby also gains insight into the number of visitors using the applications. This is important information to Eneco, who’s hereby able to adapt his services to the needs of the end user.


"Not only is it affordable; it gives you much more control over your systems."

Transparency of WSO2 matches the Quby culture

It’s not by chance that the WSO2 open source platform was selected by the Quby team. "We work with open source solutions on a regular basis. Not only is it affordable; it gives you much more control over your systems, " Michiel explains. "With WSO2 we’re able to look under the hood and follow every single step of the progress.

This transparency matches the Quby culture: we’re cocky that way.” He must admit that there are also limits to their pertness. "We initially started by figuring out the WSO2 platform ourselves," he says. "However, when you want speed and quality, you need experts." No sooner said than done. The Yenlo Gurus were called in; first class experts who would be supporting the implementation of WSO2 from beginning to end. "We’re very happy with Yenlo," Michiel says. "The two Gurus that work for our IT department are enterprising professionals and they were integrated in no time.”

The cooperation has opened a few doors

Up until now, the cooperation between Quby and Yenlo has opened quite a few doors in the field of home automation. But there’s more. Quby is planning on transforming the smart thermostat into a personal advisor. "Think about all the data the thermostat and the associated apps gather every day," Michiel explains. "Based on these data, we’re able to provide households with tailor made advice, based on their consumption patterns, the state of their appliances and their isolation materials." The Quby thermostat clearly has a lot more to offer. It’s one of the many reasons why Michiel continues to work closely together with the Yenlo Gurus, who in turn connect the company to developers with good ideas.

About Quby

In 2004, Home Automation Europe was founded. After years of working on smart solutions, the company achieved its big breakthrough when it partnered up with Eneco, and Quby was born. Together, Quby and Eneco had one goal: making Dutch households smarter and more efficient. Quby developed a "white label" smart thermostat, which is now available in the Netherlands as “Toon”: a smart and interactive thermostat that communicates with smartphones and tablets.


"If we’re able to connect these developers to our smart thermostat, the sky is the limit."

Michiel Fokke - Chief Technology Officer

The thermostat is a huge success at home and abroad, as Quby already made it to the top three of European thermostat suppliers. The Quby team consists of over 100 professionals, who work on innovative products that reduce costs, reduce consumption and increase user comfort.

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