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The Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR) is hailed at home and abroad. Year after year, the For Quality of Life institution is voted the best Dutch University, while its researchers and students travel the world contributing to breakthrough studies in the field of engineering and health.

The WUR owes a greater part of its international success to the combination of science and IT, two components that are inseparably linked in Wageningen. It was only a matter of time before the WUR took a next step, and called in Yenlo to implement a complete solution for the supply chain management of their corporate systems. A few years ago the WUR went looking for a product that would provide them with a complete supply chain integration solution.

Their goal was to implement an affordable, manageable and scalable integration platform that would connect all corporate systems. After an extensive preliminary examination, the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB), part of the WSO2 open source integration platform, turned out to be the answer. An added benefit was the assistance of Yenlo WSO2 experts: specialists that could support the project from beginning to end.