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Connext enables brainbay to securely share data

Brainbay, a NVM company, uses WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 API Manager and Yenlo's Connext to make the collected data from the NVM available via industry standards to all their internal and external parties.

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Do you want to buy or rent a house in the Netherlands? Then the NVM is where to go! The Dutch acronym NVM is short for the Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers. This way you can be sure of the right expertise and knowledge. As an association, the NVM guarantees quality.

In addition, it provides its members, which range from brokers to real estate experts,
with valuable information. Information, such as the number of houses sold in a given area, or the current sales value. The NVM does this via brainbay, which is a NVM company. As a young company, brainbay is the platform for insights and data-driven services for the Dutch real estate market.


A stronger IT association

The NVM wants to continue sharing valuable information for its members through brainbay, now and in the future. Since more and more data can be acquired digitally, it has been investigated how the NVM can provide even more added value. This future-proofing was made possible partly due to the scalability of the IT services by centralizing user management. With this, brainbay ensures that the real estate market can be provided with the best data and information products in a safe and controlled manner. This required an external knowledge party, because the NVM is primarily a cooperative business and therefore does not have a fully staffed IT organization.

Yenlo as knowledge partner

From the desire to gain insight into which datasets are really valuable for NVM members, brainbay started looking for an integration solution and eventually decided for the WSO2 open source technology. Yenlo was selected as knowledge partner in the field of this WSO2 technology and to deliver the overall solution. WSO2’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution, called WSO2 Identity Server, was combined with the WSO2 API Manager to make the collected data from the NVM available via industry standards to all internal and external parties with which the NVM exchanges data. In short, the safe and controlled sharing of the valuable data and processes of brainbay, is now enabled by the WSO2 technology.

“IAM and API management really turned out to be a different sport. Connext was the perfect solution for us because it combines hosting, configuration and management in one service.” Marco Uitendaal - Product Owner brainbay


Secure access, secure login and insight into data usage is quite a challenge when the login mechanism is encapsulated in a proprietary application landscape. This means there was no access possible to other systems, but their own system. Yenlo helped NVM’s current service provider with the rollout of the WSO2 solutions, and the value of this solution quickly proved itself, but also required administrative management activities that come along with an Identity & Access Management solution. When configuring services on the platform, additional WSO2 expertise was also needed for optimal results. Brainbay, in consultation with all parties, decided to leave this entirely to Yenlo and Connext - the Integration Platform-as-a-Service solution that fits in seamlessly in this situation.

“Yenlo has been thinking along
with us from the start. Our members have never been affected by changes behind the scene." Marco Uitendaal - Product Owner brainbay

The Result

Identity & Access Management (WSO2 Identity Server) and API Management (WSO2 API Manager) are now running on the Connext Platform. The Connext Platform solution combines both the hosting of the configuration and the management in one single service for the NVM.

During the start-up phase and the first period after go live, Yenlo delivered ‘Integration-as-a-service’, which combines the platform and the required artefacts (such as APIs, services and configurations). This phase has been successfully completed, Yenlo now provides its Connext-services as a ‘Platform-as- a-Service’, and brainbay has taken over the management
of artefacts.

Now brainbay and therefore the NVM are assured of an available and scalable managed platform in the Cloud. With the best security and the latest security patches guaranteed. For the members of the cooperative, this means that it is possible for authorized external application developers to use datasets offered as a service by the NVM. This includes the extensive database of NVM company brainbay with information about homes, commercial real estate and agricultural companies. This database is also the source for all the offerings on Funda, the real estate platform of brokers for consumers and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, and other brokerage websites. This allows organizations to subscribe to these services to integrate them into new or existing applications. The services are available on the platform and can be consumed based on standard methods, for a subscribed fee.

Future possibilities

The value of data is in knowing who is accessing it and when. This is visible in the personal dashboard of the NVM that is provided as part of Connext. The dashboard provides insights into which data is actually consumed by an organization. Real estate information, but also much sought-after information on the member side and the data side, that’s the value of the Connext service. By reporting this, brainbay has insight and can make better decisions. Because Yenlo manages the Connext platform and has a deep understanding of the WSO2 product, different use cases can easily be developed.

About the NVM

The NVM is the largest Dutch association for brokers, appraisers and real estate experts. It was founded in 1898 and has its office in Nieuwegein. The NVM is active in all market segments and provides targeted support to the affiliated members.

On behalf of the members, the NVM provides strong advocacy towards government and politics. More than 4,300 brokers and appraisers are affiliated with the NVM.

About brainbay

As an NVM company, brainbay provides the real estate market with the best data and information products. The exchange system of NVM members and the Midas database resides with brainbay. This gives Brainbay an extensive database with information about homes, commercial real estate and agricultural companies. This database is the source for all the offerings on Funda, the real estate platform of brokers for consumers and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, and broker websites.

Solutions we used to make this project a huge success.

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