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Yenlo releases Connext version 2.1.0, its WSO2 Managed Cloud Platform

Domenique Mulder
Domenique Mulder
Head Of Connext
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Yenlo releases Connext 2.1.0, its WSO2 Managed Cloud Platform | Yenlo BlogYenlo released a new stack update for version 2 of its Connext solution, which was launched in May 2020. With version 2.1.0, further improvements have been made to the processes and usability of the Connext platform. Connext is a professional, 24/7 Managed, Integration Platform-as-a-Service iPaaS), running in the Cloud, and based on the award winning open source WSO2 technology stack (WSO2 Managed Cloud).

Connext is an affordable, scalable and effective alternative to classic system integration. It makes integrating databases, applications, services and processes much easier. The platform includes all WSO2 tools for API Management, Enterprise Integration (Enterprise Service Bus and micro ESB), Message queuing, Identity and Access Management (IAM, single sign-on and federated authentication) and advanced real-time data analysis with Elasticsearch and Kibana (ELK).

What’s new in Connext 2.1.0?

Needless to say, all WSO2 products are updated to include all WSO2 Update Manager (security) patches available to date. But there’s more to this release, let’s look at some highlights:

  • The Customer Care Portal now offers:
    • Self-service capabilities to manage users and roles for your organization;
    • Improved usability of the customer dashboard by visualizing VPN and Public endpoints;
    • Visualized scheduled maintenance windows for customer environments.
  • The included Java version 8 has been updated to version Java 11. On top of that, we replaced the Oracle OpenJDK distribution with AdoptOpenJDK. AdoptOpenJDK has a broader community support maintaining the distribution. This results in longer support for long-term support releases, but also in a faster release of security patches through updates.
  • All WSO2 products provide a single sign on experience using myConnext accounts. The dependency on a local Identity Provider is removed to ensure proper access control to your management consoles.
  • The Elasticsearch data visualization has been extended to include filtering of ESB wirelogs, a commonly requested functionality used to debug integrations during development.
  • The Kibana dashboards now include a dashboard to visualize data transfer and storage usage of your Connext accounts. Also the option to export reports in PDF format is now enabled.

The state-of-the-art integration platform is already used by many customers. Curious about how our customers are successfully using this platform? Discover our case studies! Want to know more about all the (new) features of the Connext platform? Contact us!

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