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Yenlo proud sponsor of the WSO2Con USA 2014

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Yenlo is proud sponsor of the WSO2Con USA

WSO2 returns to San Francisco for another great conference full of customer presentations and bring together industry experts to discuss essential elements of building a Connected Business.

Yenlo has been sponsor of several WSO2 conferences in Europe and this will be the first event in the USA, with an office in San Francisco this is a must attend event for Yenlo.

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO and Founder together with Nevlynn Janssen, VP Global Marketing, Partnerships & Alliances will be representing Yenlo.

At the conference there will be a designated area where you can meet the sponsors and discuss your challenges. So come on over and meet Yenlo!

About the conference

Every conference is full of interesting customer presentations and presentations by WSO2 Technology Leads as well as a number of interesting keynotes.

Keynotes WSO2Con USA 2014


What’s in store

The 3-day event will include an in-depth, hands-on Tutorials Day, followed by the Conference Technology Day for insights into WSO2 middleware products and the Conference Industry Day for domain-specific solutions.

The sessions will provide a comprehensive understanding of reference architectures, use cases, and road maps along with:

  • Guest keynotes by industry experts
  • Customer success stories
  • Panel discussions
  • Special tracks for business strategies and partner business
  • Interactive booths with product demos

Yenlo customer presentation

How one of the largest grid management companies uses the complete WSO2 stack to provide a single platform for development of services

Sander Schoot Uiterkamp – Strategy Consultant
Energy Transition IT at Alliander

One of Yenlo’s valued customer Alliander will be presenting their business case and why they strategically choose for WSO2.

Alliander is the largest energy grid management company in the Netherlands, with more than 5,500 employees. Alliander consists of three divisions: Liander, Liandon and Liandyn. Grid operator Liander has 2.8 million customers and provides connection to as well as transport of gas and electricity in approximately one third of the Netherlands. Liandon offers competitive services in the field of building and maintaining complex energy infrastructures. Liandyn is specialized in public lighting, traffic control installations and camera surveillance.

A pioneer in the energy transition

As a grid management company Alliander plays an important role in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. Following our mission, our task is to ensure a reliable energy supply. We have both an expert and a social role to play and as such we are working to make possible future scenarios, which include decentralized energy generation, smart energy networks, electric cars, biomass from cattle-breeding or a solar collector on everyone’s roof.

Alliander is developing a single platform completely based on WSO2 technology to easily offer APIs on where services can be developed with shortest time to market, to respond to changes in the market and wishes from customers. One of the benefits of the WSO2 platform is metering so Alliander can monitor the usage of their API’s and charge for services accordingly.

One of the services offered would be Smart Meters, the state-of-the-art technology behind the Smart Meter system will enable energy companies to provide their customers with a host of new and future benefits.

Benefits; Increased privacy, Faster power restoration times, Increased access to customers’ energy usage information, Reducing the amount of pollution.

Increased privacy – Smart Meters will eliminate the need for representatives to regularly visit customers’ property to read their meter, increasing customers’ privacy.

Faster power restoration times – Smart Meters will notify energy companies immediately in the event of a power outage, helping energy companies to more quickly pin point any problems, and quickly restore power.

Increased access to customers’ energy usage information – Smart Meters will allow customers’ access to view and monitor energy usage online. This will give more control over their monthly bill.

More pricing options than ever – Smart Meters will give the option to take advantage of current and future pricing rates that match customers lifestyle.

Reducing the amount of pollution – Smart Meters will allow energy companies to take vehicles off the road and eliminate travel.


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