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WSO2ConEU 2016, Grand opening by Sanjiva Weerawarana

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WSO2ConEU2016 opening Sanjiva

London, 8 June 2016, WSO2 Conference Europe 2016. Founder and CTO of WSO2, Sanjiva Weerawarana opened the yearly WSO2 conference in a spectacular way.

WSO2ConEU2016 Opening Sanjiva WeerawaranaThe opening ceremonie of the already 10th WSO2 conference was like always a spectacular act. this time perfomed by a cool drum band. Right after the opening act mister Sanjiva Weerawarana took us to the roadmap of the WSO2 product stack. An interesting element is the split in each WSO2 product into:

  • An engine (run time) part
  • An tool (development time) part
  • An analytic part

So the good part about the new analytic component for each product isWSO2ConEU2016 Opening Sanjiva Weerawarana the fact you will have hundreds of inside monitoring and statistic information avaliable. As well as realtime as in batch as predictive. The analytic component nativly integrates with each WSO2 product such as the new WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 5.0.

Another great annoucement is the launch of WSO2 API manager 2.0 (beta), also equipped with an analytic component. A new feature will be the option to make API’s personlized for each user. 

Besides the API manager 2.0 (beta), the brand new WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 5.0 was announched to be launched soon. This new WSO2 ESB 5.0 will come with debugging capablities and datamapping. Two awesome functionalities that further optimize to become a digital business.

With the new WSO2 Carbon Framework 5.0, which by the way start within 2 seconds only, it will be possible to pacth/update any WSO2 product automatically. So now manual checking for new updates anymore, no manual installation process anymore. Another great step forward.

This fits perfectly in our vision and mission as well: delivering the best integration solutions to our customers.

Yenlo, Premier Partner of WSO2, and specialist in such integration solutions, will continue delivering WSO2 craftsmanship with services like: WSO2 Training, WSO2 Support and of course WSO2 implementation services.

P.S. Isabelle Mauny, the Vice President of Product Strategy at WSO2 had a great keynote too about Customer Experience with WSO2 Analytics. Read also the blog of one of our colleages who attended some tutorials at WSO2Con about Deploying Middleware on Containers.


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