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WSO2 support: nothing to sell, only services to provide

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Back in the old days, we used to have many open source products, each addressing one or two challenges we had with our software development projects. Those days are over. Today, our companies simply don’t survive, unless each single person, department, and business unit is interconnected and working towards the same end goal. API’s, Security, and Identity & Access Management are absolute must-haves; Analytics, Big Data, and monetization only work when developed out-of-the-box.

And while we’re at it, why not also mention the importance of the Cloud, Scalability, High-Availability? Crucial as all these elements may be; deploying them is a different story. How do successful companies do it? Well, to be honest, they don’t. They have it fixed for them.

So tell me the secret

Truth be told, successful companies have better things to do with their time than working on software integration management. They do understand, however, that a solid integration system has a major influence on workflows, customer satisfaction, and ROI. That’s why integration platforms such as WSO2 have become so popular. Not only do they offer a fully integrated platform (including API management, Enterprise Service Bus, Identity Management, IoT support, Big Data, and Analytics); they also consist of modular building blocks that can be enabled and disabled as you wish. This way, you don’t pay for elements and tools you don’t use, but you won’t get stuck because of a lack of equipment either.

But I don’t have time…

We know you don’t. So here’s the best part. Although integration platforms such as WSO2 are open source and scalable (sorry, but eventually the term had to come up); in case you need support during the development phase: it’s there. That’s what partners are for. At Yenlo for example, we deliver WSO2 development support as you go. Whether it’s before, during, or after your big WSO2 launch; with WSO2 product support you are ensured of 24/7 support on the WSO2 software stack itself. So in case something goes wrong, in case you panic, or in case you need a couple of patches and quick fixes: we’ve got your back. Not because we’re the best (we are), but because we want to. Being Premier Partner of WSO2, we take pride in making your WSO2 product work for your organization, simply because that’s the only thing you asked for.

Are you trying to sell me stuff?

We could, but we won’t. Here’s why. We often get questions like: “What about WSO2 licenses and WSO2 pricing?”. Most of the times, we keep silent for a minute or so and then say these four magical words: “WSO2 is not licensed”. It’s the truth: the open source WSO2 integration platform is open source. Try and search for keywords like ‘WSO2 DAS license’ or ‘WSO2 ESB license’ or ‘WSO2 API license’ or ‘WSO2 IS license’; we bet you won’t find any meaningful results (except for this page). So in fact, there’s nothing to sell, only services to provide. And in case you want support, the only thing you need to purchase is a WSO2 support subscription from Yenlo, called WSO2 product support. Here, you only pay for the products (modules) you’re using on your production environment. Other environments are free of charge. Just contact Yenlo, we will do the magic.

I got bigger issues

When you hop on the WSO2 train, you bring your corporate systems with you. But what if your own software running on the WSO2 stack goes down? No worries; we won’t leave you hanging. We offer 24/7 WSO2 operational support, and second line next-business-day support services as well, meaning there’s always a WSO2 guru on the other end of the line. Whether it’s a bug, an implementation issue or a success story you want to share: we’re there. Are you a techie yourself and do you want to get involved? Consider joining a true WSO2 classroom training or one of our online WSO2 tutorials full with WSO2 tips and tricks. It’s the perfect way to get in the WSO2 game, and learn all there’s to know about the WSO2 products. Before you know it, you’ll be answering your WSO2 questions yourself. Told you it’s a service!

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