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New product announced: WSO2 Streaming Analytics

Thijs Volders
Thijs Volders
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San Francisco, 21 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, where Yenlo as premier partner of WSO2 is one of the silver sponsors, WSO2 announced their new product – WSO2 Streaming Analytics. This new product will integrate the existing separated WSO2 modules DAS, ML and CEP. Read all about this announcement in this post.

WSO2 Streaming Analytics

Announcement: WSO2 Streaming AnalyticsIn 2017, WSO2 will integrate existing products into one solution for delivering advanced real-time analytics, WSO2 Streaming Analytics. This merger of products is all part of the Agile Digital Transformation process.

The following products will be merged into this new all-in-one solution:
  • WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS)
  • WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP)
  • WSO2 Machine Learner (ML)

The new, integrated, product will be able to receive, analyse and alert in real-time massive dataflows from multi-sources to multi-targets. Besides, the new WSO2 Streaming Analytics product, will also be able to predict events based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

WSO2 Streaming Analytics

Besides the merge of exisiting functionality, also new features will be added to the product:

  • Millions of events per second;
  • 100+ Connectors to all kinds of sources and targets;
  • Native support for Spark and PMML models;
  • Batch processing for Spark and Solr.

A nice addition to all of this is the possibility to apply pre-defined templates for a specifi branch or line of business like ‘Fraud’ detection and such. With these build-in templates your are able to be up-and-running in no-time with as well as the analytics as the alerting part.

Read more about all these new WSO2 DAS features in this blogpost.

WSO2 Smart Analytics Cloud

With the launch of the new WSO2 Streaming Analytics product, WSO2 also starts with the implementation of a full Cloud strategy whereby next to the existing API Cloud, Integration Cloud also a Smart Analytics Cloud will be provided. Customers can run their analytics services easliy in a full scalable and managed Cloud environment. More details on the WSO2 Cloud Strategy will follow soon.

WSO2 support

What the consequences will be for (current) WSO2 support subscriptions is not clear yet. As soon as we know we will of course inform you.

The Digital Transformation

The Digital Technology is driving companies towards three key elements:

  • Adding digital components to their products, and the products become completely digital products;
  • Engaging with customers through new digital experiences;
  • Enhancing digital operations for monitoring, control and intelligence.

By that, companies need:

  • Sustained capacity for business creativity and digital innovation;
  • Rapid and iterative development processes;
  • technology platform supporting creative and development processes.

We need APIs, Integration, Identities, Analytics and IoT

So what do we need to do to connect our back-office information and engage better with our customers? What do we need to do to collect more relevant information from our customers and use it in such way we are able to deliver better quality services? Here it is:

Read here all announcements made during the WSO2Con US 2017. And of course read all about how you can Go Digital in our brand new white paper: Go Digital!


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