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The WSO2 Digital Agility Impact – Opening Keynote Tyler Jewell

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WSO2ConEU2017.jpgLondon, Monday 6 November 2017 – Tyler Jewell, the new and fresh CEO of WSO2 opened the WSO2 Conference Europe 2017 with his keynote titled “The WSO2 Digital Agility Impact”. He speech primary focused on how the open source WSO2 technology stack can really transform businesses in the digital area on a flexible and agile way.

WSO2 is of course not limited to one industry only. There are more than 5 trillion transactions per year executing and running on a WSO2 powered technology stack. So, the world is changing rapidly, with new deployment models, new programming languages. It is really the battle of big numbers.

Tyler touches on the rise of the API as an abstraction to manage services. But it is not only about API’s, but also Events and Streams. With the combination of these three key elements businesses will be flexible in an agile way.


What was very interesting in this keynote was the fact that Tyler also mentioned the IT Delivery Gap (more than 70% in 2018) that needs to be solved before businesses can become truly adaptive to this new technology push.

So, a great opening keynote, and promising for the rest of the conference. During this conference, with the inspiring slogan “Agile Digital Transformation Through Open Source”, many topics like Ballerina, API management and Digital Transformation Strategy will be addressed by customer case and technical sessions.

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