What is WSO2?

The why, how and what of world’s leading integration platform

So what is WSO2? How does it help your business? And what solutions does WSO2 or similar integration platforms offer? This blog aims to take you into the rabbithole of middleware and API management.

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C-suite teams are increasingly aware of the importance of their technology stack. And rightly so. As cloud-based technologies are being updated in rapid succession, it equally brings about challenges for businesses that try to remain competitive and relevant. So how to make sense of big data with the right toolkit? And how to be prepared for trends, and market shifts? How do you integrate cloud-based, api-first data management solutions? Preferably, with the agility to handle shifting markets and technological advancements? Enter WSO2, world’s leading open-source integration platform.

What is an integration platform good for?

Understanding the value of middleware and integration platforms can be complex. Think of it this way. Integration software, or Integration Platform-as-a-Service connects backend systems, data streams and applications through well-organised interfaces and web services. In other words, integration platforms streamline your data to be interpreted and processed correctly.

So what is all of that good for?

All around you, you notice organizations getting a better grip on their technology stack. It allows them to connect to customers, create better and faster services, build solid and secure data management systems, and increase their market share. The world of enterprise business is digital. There is no way around it. Cost efficiency, time-to-market, and customization are essential to integration platforms.

Now this isn’t an easy feat without the proper solution. Often, companies are stuck with old data management systems, they go for off-the-shelf solutions, or build their own (running into scalability and interoperability issues). To bring in innovation, efficient tools, and solve business problems with a cost-efficient method you need a can-do-it-all platform. An Integration platform to be precise, and WSO2 provides all of the above.

What is WSO2 and how does it stand out from its competitors?

What is WSO2? WSO2 is the world’s leading integration platform. So what is the claim of ‘world’s leading’ based on? Well, WSO2 makes integrating or building software easier like no other. Whether your company is dealing with old legacy software or applies a modern API-first approach. What separates WSO2 from other API-first, open source or proprietary technology is the wide range of products and services to integrate and combine new and old technology, to develop with agility and to connect partners, customers, employees, and systems in whatever way your enterprise calls for. Read our in-depth comparison of WSO2 vs Mulesoft to see how WSO2 stacks up against an industry competitor.

Also important to mention: WSO2 is completely free and open source. Costs aren’t factored in unless you need product support in the form of: training, reviews, quick launches or development services.

In a business landscape where everything is digital – where hardware can be in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or provided by third parties as a service – WSO2 provides a plethora of solutions for all enterprise sizes. When it comes to needing an API-first, cloud-based, open source integration solution, WSO2 suits it to the tee.


What solutions does WSO2 offer?

The full suite of WSO2 consists of over 190 components. This Carbon stack is fit for big data, API-management, social, mobile, or cloud-based services. All customizable or to be combined, whatever your enterprise challenge calls for. There are a couple of main technologies to get you started.

WSO2 Enterprise integrator

This is the core of your integration strategy with WSO2. The WSO2 Enterprise Integrator combines power and speed through its open-source integration platform. It allows you to connect and transform data between legacy systems, SaaS applications, services and APIs. Providing you with all the options for a truly connected digital architecture. The WSO2 EI includes runtime for data and service integration, messaging and business process execution, but it’s also the home base of your microservices and analytics.

WSO2 Identity Server

The WSO2 Identity Server adds a security layer to your existing IT infrastructure, whilst making your business processes run smoothly. Combine safety with usability and feel free to connect to new applications whenever it’s needed. In the meantime, the WSO2 Identity Server will guard your dataflows so that only the right people gain access to the right systems.

WSO2 API Manager

Like any other WSO2 product, the WSO2 API Manager is an open source solution, giving you all the freedom to change direction and scope. At the same time, the product fully supports you through API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control, rate limiting, monetization, and analytics. The WSO2 API Manager is the home of security and governance components: protecting your users, data and systems.

WSO2 Stream Processor

The WSO2 Stream Processor starts up your analytical transformation, which is equally important to your digital one. With this open source solution, you easily process millions of events per second in real time, so that you can take action- also in real time. This makes you able to respond to the things that are happening this very moment- whether inside or outside your company walls. In addition you can connect to over 100 legacy and cloud services.

Take charge with WSO2 and Yenlo

When it comes to integration platforms, WSO2 is the way to go. It allows your organisation to be fully service-oriented and ahead of the game in your industry. As WSO2’s Top Partner, Yenlo can help you implement WSO2 and further support you by enhancing and customizing your service offering and data architecture. Our vision is for an open-source, cloud first, and api-first approach to managing the digital journey. Yenlo offers two distinct integration solutions: Connext Go! and Connext Platform.

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Connext Go!

Yenlo’s Integration-as-a-Service solution. A monthly service to ensure your data can be shared between application systems, integration of business processes. Connext Go! enables you to work in the cloud and locally. Lean, affordable, and fully managed by Yenlo.


Connext Platform

Our integration-Platform-as-a-Service solution. Connext Platform is the leading Cloud Solution for the WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and the WSO2 Identity Server. Fully customizable, scalable, and with a short time to market. Feel free to read more about how these solutions will help you in your digital journey.

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