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What is InterSystems IRIS and what are its benefits?

Discover the driving force behind healthcare innovation! In his latest blog, Ruben van der Zwan, CEO of Yenlo, unravels the power of InterSystems IRIS. From seamless data integration to real-time analytics, this post unveils the advancements shaping the healthcare landscape.

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Ruben van der Zwan
CEO & Co-Founder
What is InterSystems IRIS and what are its benefits

Connecting the healthcare industry with one of the most advanced data management platforms.

Every modern business operates on the backbone of robust technological systems, enabling it to function efficiently and meet its objectives. Among these numerous technologies, InterSystems IRIS stands out as a remarkable, all-encompassing data platform, transforming businesses and garnering global attention. Let’s delve into what InterSystems IRIS is and why it merits your attention.

What is InterSystems IRIS?

InterSystems IRIS (Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive, and Scalable) is an all-in-one data platform crafted to expedite the development, deployment, and maintenance of mission-critical and highly reliable applications. Think of it as the central nervous system of a software solution, ensuring that all elements function effectively and in alignment.

The platform provides a multitude of functionalities that span across diverse layers of an application stack, from data storage and management to application logic and user interface. Its in-built interoperability features allow it to integrate data across various systems and formats, allowing businesses to have a unified view of their data.

The Core Components of InterSystems IRIS

What makes InterSystems IRIS particularly remarkable are its core components. These are the building blocks that give InterSystems IRIS its unique abilities and efficiencies.

It features a high-performance, multi-model database, which enables it to handle a wide range of data types and structures – from relational data and object data to hierarchical data. This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple databases for different types of data.

Furthermore, InterSystems IRIS includes a robust application development environment. This environment is designed to streamline the development process, facilitating the rapid creation and deployment of powerful applications. It supports multiple programming languages and offers a rich set of APIs, ensuring a flexible and developer-friendly experience.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

The InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is truly a game-changer. It offers an integrated, unified platform that removes the need to deploy, synchronize, and maintain multiple systems.

From real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities to business process management and connectivity, the platform gives you access to a suite of powerful features. Its ability to handle large volumes of data, manage transactions, and provide insights in real-time, make it an invaluable asset if you’re dealing with large and complex data.

What is InterSystems IRIS for Health?

Open Healthcare is an upcoming movement towards interoperability, patient-centric data, and the breaking down of data silos within and between healthcare systems. InterSystems IRIS for Health is at the forefront of this movement, championing better data accessibility and exchange. Tailored specifically for the complex and highly sensitive world of healthcare data, InterSystems IRIS for Health is designed to tackle the unique challenges of this industry like separate systems, different stakeholders, privacy regulations and optimizing patient care.

InterSystems IRIS for Health is built on the same core technology as InterSystems IRIS but adds several key features that cater specifically to the healthcare industry. These include support for healthcare data standards like HL7 and FHIR, advanced capabilities for health data processing and analytics, and interoperability features designed for healthcare applications.

IRIS for Health has been instrumental in transforming healthcare operations globally. It plays a crucial role in managing electronic health records (EHRs) efficiently and providing real-time analysis of medical data. These abilities are crucial in providing immediate, informed, and effective patient care.

The Benefits of InterSystems IRIS

Coming back to InterSystems IRIS – it isn’t merely a powerful platform—it’s an engine of transformation. Here’s how it can revolutionize your business operations, the benefits of InterSystems IRIS:

Unifying Your Data Landscape

InterSystems IRIS offers comprehensive data integration capabilities, primarily through its universal connectivity features. This technology helps eliminate data silos by integrating your data from diverse systems, regardless of their format. The unified data landscape produced by this feature gives your business a more complete and meaningful understanding of the data, which in turn enhances your decision-making and strategic planning process.

Accelerating Performance with Advanced Data Management

One of the main technologies behind InterSystems IRIS’s superior performance is its multi-model data design. This design helps manage different types of data effectively, accommodating everything from relational data to object data and more. As a result, InterSystems IRIS can process large amounts of information and transactions quickly and without compromising the system’s stability.

Instant Insights through Real-Time Analytics

InterSystems IRIS stands out for its real-time analytics capabilities. This technology uses complex algorithms and computation techniques to analyze data as it streams into your system, producing insights for you almost instantaneously. These empower your teams to respond to changing scenarios promptly, maximizing opportunities and mitigating risks.

Bridging Data Gaps with Seamless Integration

InterSystems IRIS employs advanced interoperability technology to unite data from various systems and formats. Its universal adapter technology can connect to any data source, while the built-in transformations make the data compatible and meaningful across different systems. As a result, your business gains a fluid and integrated data environment that brings together different information sources and allows for better analysis and insights.

Guarding Your Assets with Robust Security

Another distinguishing benefit that you get with InterSystems IRIS is its steadfast security. The technology behind this security is multifaceted, including encryption for data at rest and in transit, role-based access control, and audit logging, among others. This solid security framework shields your sensitive data from potential threats, establishing a more trusted and secure environment for your operations.

Embracing Growth with Scalability

InterSystems IRIS is designed for growth, thanks to its sharding technology. Sharding is a method of splitting and distributing data across multiple servers, which improves performance and allows the database to scale as your data grows. With this feature, InterSystems IRIS adapts and scales with your expanding business, relieving the strain of constant data infrastructure adjustments.

Technical Aspects of InterSystems IRIS

Peeling back the layers of InterSystems IRIS reveals a mosaic of advanced technologies, weaving together over four decades of software development expertise. This technological feat lets InterSystems IRIS stand out in the realm of data platforms.

But what lies at the heart of InterSystems IRIS? Its technical DNA consists of three essential components: a multi-model DBMS (Database Management System), a rapid application development landscape, and robust application connectivity.

The Power of a Multi-Model DBMS

The multi-model DBMS sits at the epicenter of IRIS, offering support for a diverse range of data models, both relational and non-relational. This versatile system caters to large amounts of data and high transaction rates, making it a perfect fit for the demanding world of big data applications.

Accelerating Development with a Cutting-Edge Environment

InterSystems IRIS takes your developers on a thrilling ride with its rapid application development environment. This space, marked by its object-oriented programming model and a fully integrated toolset, injects speed and efficiency into the process of crafting powerful applications. Helping your teams accelerate development and bring more ease into their day-to-day processes.

Enhancing Connectivity through Robust Application Interfaces

Application connectivity stitches the elements together, like a skilled artisan weaving a tapestry. Applications constructed on the solid foundation of IRIS can connect seamlessly with other systems. The connection options are as diverse as the data IRIS handles – SQL, REST, SOAP, and native APIs for the likes of Java, .NET, and Node.js.

By bringing these components together, IRIS delivers a platform that accelerates your development cycle, simplifies maintenance, and boosts the overall performance of your applications. But that’s not all. Another facet of the technology is its embedded analytics capability, which allows real-time operational analytics. Meaning you can analyze your data as it flows into your system, making immediate data-driven decisions.

Yenlo: Your Partner for InterSystems IRIS Integration

The Yenlo Advantage

When it comes to integrating InterSystems IRIS into your business operations, we’re here as your trusted integration partner. With a team of over 200 integration experts worldwide and a deep understanding of the InterSystems IRIS platform, we have two InterSystems solutions ready to help you optimize your healthcare data and applications:

InterSystems IRIS for Health: Revolutionizing Healthcare Data

InterSystems IRIS for Health, is a variant of InterSystems IRIS and is tailor-made for managing complex healthcare data. InterSystems IRIS for Health combines powerful data management, integration, and analytics capabilities into a single, comprehensive platform. With this unified solution, you can efficiently handle healthcare data and gain insights from multiple sources, making it easier than ever to drive better patient outcomes.

InterSystems FHIR Server: An Open Standard for Healthcare

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) represents an open standard for healthcare data. With InterSystems FHIR Server you have a dedicated solution for FHIR-based data exchange and provides you a scalable, secure, and reliable platform for implementing and managing FHIR APIs. It ensures compliance with FHIR standards and simplifies the integration of FHIR data into your healthcare systems.

With Yenlo as your integration partner, the integration of InterSystems IRIS and its solutions into your business operations becomes a smooth process, opening the door to new monetization possibilities and optimized systems for better patient care.


In this vast landscape of data platforms, InterSystems IRIS is a stand out solutions specifically for companies and institutions active in the healthcare industry. Specifically with InterSystems IRIS for Health and InterSystems FHIR Server, the healthcare industry can witness a transformative shift towards more integrated, efficient, and accessible data management.

When you’re ready to integrate these technologies into your business, we’re there for you. Take the leap into the future of healthcare. One that is more open, API-driven, secure, and interoperable.

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