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What is Boomi Middleware, and how does it work?

Boomi Middleware streamlines program communication and data integration, improving operational efficiency and customer experience. However, managing multiple applications can lead to data silos and extra costs. Boomi Middleware simplifies IT infrastructure, reduces management complexity, and provides valuable data insights.

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What is Boomi Middleware, and how does it work

Boomi Middleware plays an important role in setting up and streamlining the (data) communication between different programs, and we benefit from that on a daily basis. Before you read any further, check how many different application windows you currently have open. This probably involves several programs that you use throughout the day. At the corporate level, a patchwork of applications leads to data silos and additional costs for managing the entire application landscape.

What exactly is middleware, and how does it work? As an example, imagine an entrepreneur who starts a webshop. She starts small but soon needs several applications. She might work with an e-commerce platform, an inventory management program, applications for online payments, a customer database, and an accounting package. There is a good chance that she will purchase all those services as cloud services.

Boomi Middleware as the digital “man in the middle”

The company grows rapidly. While the applications can handle the rapid growth, there comes a point when the owner, the “woman in the middle”, cannot. She has to manage and update the systems one by one. In practice, this is when the physical “woman in the middle” should be replaced with the digital variant: middleware. Simply put, this is a layer of software between existing systems. Middleware from Boomi connects various systems that were developed separately. And, in this case, they also function independently of each other. Boomi currently provides a very powerful Middleware platform. Although Boomi Middleware can be widely used, it excels in e-commerce, logistics, and retail applications.

Boomi Middleware enables communication between applications

Middleware, such as Boomi Middleware, allows users to continue using their existing software configuration if they wish, but also enables communication between the applications. As middleware, Boomi can connect applications in traditional ways, for example via database links or file exchange. But this middleware can also connect applications by using existing APIs of those applications. Finally, Boomi can even make data from old applications available via APIs by applying what is in essence a new communication layer to the old interfaces.

It does not matter what kind of data that is. And it doesn’t matter where that data has to go. With Boomi Middleware, you can connect any application and thus support any process.
Boomi Middleware reduces the complexity of business processes by replacing the need for manual data entry with process automation.

No complicated code with Boomi Middleware

No complicated code is required to set up that communication. Boomi Middleware is a low-code environment. Thanks to the application’s drag-drop interface, a Boomi Middleware user can connect the different applications from the internet browser. Boomi then transports and transforms all information exactly as the user wishes. Boomi’s interface basically works how you think it should. By dragging blocks to the canvas, it is possible to set up an integration between two applications in a clear, organized manner.

connecting applications with boomi

To make this possible, Boomi Middleware offers a series of templates to speed up the installation and connect the apps at lightning speed. In addition, the user will find process libraries and more than 26 million data mappings created by other Boomi users to simplify the installation and connection of the various apps. This allows each user to benefit from a crowdsourced database with templates that have been tried and tested in practice. The possibilities of connections between apps are endless.

Boomi Middleware’s scalability is one of the main reasons why companies choose it. Boomi’s software solution ensures that companies can grow and scales itself along with that growth.

Boomi Middleware’s five USPs

We’ve listed Boomi Middleware’s five most distinctive features.

1. Boomi offers an intuitive interface.

As previously mentioned, Boomi Middleware is quick and easy to deploy. Boomi Middleware pioneered the low-code revolution. The intuitive visual interface gives the user access to a number of integration components that can be aggregated into an end-to-end integration workflow. Point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools allow you to create integrations without the need for coding skills.

2. The middleware creates a unified platform

Boomi enables organizations to catalog and synchronize data and integrate numerous applications, databases, and devices across the business. The management feature on the Boomi AtomSphere platform enables the user to view the status of all processes, including detailed activity logs.

3. Boomi Middleware provides an intelligent environment

Boomi Middleware provides suggestions to make the user more efficient and effective. It provides a centralized source of information that collects billions of other customer insights. Boomi Resolve automatically proposes solutions for common error messages. It becomes more intelligent and useful as it identifies common problems and recommends solutions, thereby speeding up the integration process. The platform includes pre-built connectors and process libraries, as well as crowdsourced data mapping recommendations under the name Boomi Suggest to set up integrations faster. In addition, the flexible implementation is another major advantage of Boomi Middleware as a platform. Users can choose the integration template that best suits their business.

boomi suggest data mapping

4. The platform offers excellent data quality and management

Boomi not only connects applications, it can also consolidate the data. For example, business data can be analyzed in one application, eliminating silos and enabling 360˚ visibility. The platform provides a transparent view of the data flow between different systems and applications.

5. Boomi Middleware is cloud-native

Naturally, as native ‘middleware in the cloud’, Boomi has all the advantages of the cloud, including scalability, high availability, and built-in redundancy. However, this does not mean that Boomi cannot play an important role as middleware between cloud and on-premise applications, or even between purely on-premise applications.

Boomi can make connections between:

  • Cloud ann on-premise applications
  • Various on-premise applications
  • Various cloud applicaties


Boomi is a platform for building cloud-based and on-premises application integrations or a combination of both. Boomi Middleware is built on the 100% native Boomi AtomSphere cloud platform. It is a platform that can make connections between cloud and on-premise applications.

Boomi provides users with an easy-to-use user interface for business process development and maintenance, all in one place. Boomi is certainly not a ‘black box’. The management feature on the Boomi AtomSphere platform enables the user to view the status of all processes, including detailed activity logs.

Facts about Boomi Middleware

Boomi Middleware is a powerful platform, according to research done by research company Forrester. According to them, the implementation of Boomi Middleware delivers positive results for the end-user organizations.

• Staff productivity improved by 70% thanks to Boomi Middleware.

• Businesses saved $1.5 million on infrastructure costs and management.

• Businesses have saved more than $1.1 million on obsolete software.

• More than $1.1 million was saved with Boomi Middleware by eliminating licensing fees companies had to pay for previous integration solutions and reducing unnecessary burden on IT staff.

• Development times were reduced by 70%.

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